On this page: About Floorcloths, Custom Designs, Care and Use

About Floorcloths

If you are not familiar with floorcloths, you will be delightfully surprised to discover what an elegant and practical solution they provide for your home. Floorcloths date back to Europe and early America, and were originally designed by the Quakers to be alternative, affordable floor coverings. Their designs were simple stencils. Today, floorcloths are reemerging as the perfect creative blend between art and craft. They offer the practical, carefree use as a rug while being a beautiful and decorative work of art.  These durable canvas rugs are constructed from a heavy weight cotton canvas, hand-painted, hand-finished and completely sealed on both sides for protection and long lasting wear. The colors will not fade. Your floorcloth will brighten any area in your home for many years.

Why choose a floorcloth over an area rug? Because floorcloths are:

Versatile ~ Durable ~ Practical ~ Water & Stain Resistant ~ Hypoallergenic ~ Non-Toxic ~ Easy Care ~ Free Of Cleaning Costs ~ Insect Resistant ~ Sustainable ~ Decorative ~ Floor Art ~ Unique ~ Transitional ~ Eco-Friendly

 Studio Bliss offers you a creatively diverse selection of over 200 floorcloth designs available in six sizes. Our painted designs bring to your home a little bit of country, beautiful florals, tropical flavors, contemporary flair, animal fun for the kids, desert enchantment, soulful inspirations and ethnic gems from around the world.  Each floorcloth is individually signed, titled and dated.

My home has been filled with floorcloths for over 20 years and everyone enjoys them. My guarantee to you is the simple beauty of a canvas rug that will withstand many years of muddy boots and paws. May these artisan rugs illuminate your home and spirit, and add a touch of bliss to your life.

Custom Designs

Any of my standard designs offered on this site can be made in any size or with variations in the colors.

Create your own design. Simply send us sketches, pictures, color samples, paint chips, fabric swatches, etc.

Allow me to create a one of a kind floorcloth design for you based on your preferences.

If you are placing a custom order, I highly recommend you request a small painted rendering of your design for your approval before I paint your rug. The fee for this rendering is $95.00, and will be applied to your purchase.

All custom orders must be placed directly with the artist. Pricing will be based on an individual quote depending on the size and complexity of the design.  Call Annie toll- free at 505-231-4079 or email me at anniehorkan@gmail.com.

Care and Use

Your floorcloth is easy to care for!

Follow these tips to get the longest wear and enjoyment from your investment:

  • The finish on your floorcloth is water/stain resistant. Simply damp mop to clean. Occasionally, you can scrub your floorcloth with a soft bristle brush along with white vinegar and water. This will help remove any ground in dirt. A thin coat of paste wax applied and rubbed with a soft cloth following a good cleaning will give added protection and enhance the colors. A mild abrasive cleaner can be used for stubborn stains.
  • A thin, rubber, sticky mat comes with your floorcloth to prevent slipping and to hold your rug firmly in place. You will want to choose a permanent location for your floorcloth as continuous moving will weaken the adhesive quality of the mat. It is not necessary to remove the floorcloth and mat from the floor while cleaning. Instructions for installing your floorcloth will be included with your shipment. Always use your floorcloth with the mat unless it is placed securely under a table.
  • Should your floorcloth get too wet, simply hang it up to dry without folding or bending it. Never fold or bend your floorcloth as this can cause cracking. Always roll it.
  • If at any time the edges of your floorcloth begin to peel away from the mat, simply place a strip of two-sided carpet tape between the back of the floorcloth and the mat.
  • Sharp objects can tear or scratch your floorcloth.
  • For use under a kitchen or dining table, protect your floorcloth with felt or glide caps on the feet of chairs.
  • Your floorcloth is designed for use on hard even floors. It is not recommended for use over carpet nor on deep tiled floors
  • Your floorcloth is designed for interior use only. However, the water/stain resistant sealants will protect your floorcloth for use on a covered patio or screened porch.
  • For storage or during a move, carefully peel the floorcloth apart from the mat, and peel the mat from the floor. Any sticky residue on the floor from the mat can be cleaned with vinegar and water. Roll the mat then roll the floorcloth painted side up around the mat and secure with string or rubber bands. Rolling the mat and floorcloth around a cardboard tube will add extra protection from being crushed in a move or storage. When reinstalling , lay the floorcloth upside down on the floor, place the sticky mat on the back, then turn them over and place on the floor. The sticky mat edges can be trimmed with scissors if ever necessary.