During my sixteen years living in the high desert of New Mexico, I vanished in winter down to the warmth of the Baja in Mexico where my Baja Inspirations were fanned. My favorite spot was the little fishing village of Todos Santos which really captured my heart. I also spent time in Sayulita across the Sea of Cortez, and way down the coast in Zihuatanejo. No matter where I happened to be, I was surrounded by the vibrant, colorful and cheerful art of Mexico.

It was pure delight to stop into all the little roadside markets, and attend the artist craft shows. I snapped photos of bowls and vases, blankets, tiles and murals along with many sketches, all of which were later translated into my Baja designs. I am happy to have all these colors and motifs to remind me of my good times wintering in the Baja, and all the Baja inspirations I received.

Birds and flowers are perhaps two of the most common motifs used in Mexican craft art. The Bird of Paradise flower grows in abundance there, and its exotic beauty makes for an exquisite design. Courtesy of Photoshop, I was able to create multiple versions from my original, and the Bird of Paradise created exceptional versions of this lovely flower.



Bird of Paradise Crossbody Bag


The design of two birds was popular, especially upon large ceramic plates or wooden decorative platters. It is naturally a sweet design suggesting love and companionship, and it quickly became my favorite design as Baja Birds unfolded.


tote bag

Baja Birds Tote Bag


Baja Palms went through several transformations before I settled on this design. The Palm tree is the ultimate symbol for having landed in paradise, and just the sight of it commands our mind, body and soul into relaxation. I adorned some placemats with Baja Palms to aid in your relaxing dinners.



Baja Palms Placemat


My Baja Blooms design was inspired by a large, very worn mural on the side of a building. There was a lot going on in that mural, but it was the overlapping arcs that caught my eye. I think the arcs may have represented the sun with the circle below them a flower. Thus, I called it Baja Blooms. This design’s overall pattern makes for a lovely tablecloth.



Baja Blooms Tablecloth


Bougainvillea grows everywhere in Baja. You will find it overflowing fences, climbing trees, gracing pergolas, dripping over doorways, growing up buildings, vining around street signs and burying walls. It is a prolific plant whose flowers come in a vast array of shades from the palest pink to the most vibrant violet.



Baja Bougainvillea Serving Tray


Baja Fiesta became a design from a compilation of many small motifs I had sketched, and put them all together to become a fiesta. I so love that word as it really sparks the meaning of celebration. Fiestas are a deep, integral part of the Mexican culture. Despite the challenges with poverty and third-world living conditions, the wonderful Mexican people really know how to celebrate food, music and the arts.


throw pillow

Baja Fiesta Throw Pillow


The entire Baja Inspirations Collection is below with a simple click on the image where you will be redirected to festive, colorful products for the home and for yourself. Enjoy!