Biodynamic gardening is the recognition of the life forces at work in nature, and adopts the understanding of these principles to maintain an environment of healing and balance. It stemmed from concerned farmers who were witness to the decline of vitality in their plants, animals and soils on their farms in 1938. The Biodynamic Gardening and Farming Association was formed, and the fundamental principles of biodynamic gardening and farming were defined with the help of Rudolph Steiner. The principles embrace an approach of relating the farm and garden ecosystem to that of the entire cosmos. It involves the subtle forces in nature and an expanded vision that have yet to be fully understood.

Biodynamics suggests a whole new way of thinking. With the understanding that the planet is a single, self-regulating and diverse ecosystem, farmers began to work their farms as self-regulating, multi-dimensional ecosystems. Their vision expanded to include the circular life force wherein plants, trees and animals could contribute to nourishing the soil via compost. A new relationship to the cosmos resulted in lunar planting wherein gardens grew healthier and more abundant. The farmers were learning how to seal the leaks in the natural loops inherent in an ecosystem.

Biodynamic gardening presents an intimate journey into endless discovery about nature and the cosmos, our place in it and our connection to it. It is the solution to our ability to thrive in a harmonious connection with the natural environment. This connection is spiritual, and requires our ability to keenly observe and understand both the laws of nature and spirit. Nature is here to teach and guide us. A successful garden ecosystem is far more than just putting some seeds in the ground.

I share with you here some biodynamic gardening concepts:

  • Energies deep with the earth and deep within the cosmos affect all plant life.
  • The cosmic light rhythms of the sun, moon, stars and other planets strongly influence plant life.
  • To garden with this understanding of cosmic rhythms produces healthy, disease resistant plants.
  • We can find more creative solutions if we follow the energetic loops in nature throughout all seasons, weather conditions and climates.
  • We have an extraordinary opportunity to learn from nature and simply copy her grand self-sufficiency.
  • The soil is a living life force. The health and vitality of garden plants is determined by the health of the soil which must be nourished by compost nutrients.
  • Nature produces no waste, only man. Everything in nature is designed to contribute to the whole so that recycling food scraps, weeds, branches, leaves, grasses and manure closes the waste loop.

It is essential mankind maintain a connection to the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. Biodynamic gardening offers an amazing education to increase your connection to all life. Our understanding and observation of nature is there to teach us how to thrive in harmony with these principles.