The Life Of Tapa

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Tapa was an amazing Blue Heeler dog, and my canine companion for seven years. She contracted Leptospirosis in March 2013, a deadly bacteria related to Lyme that comes from the urine of skunks, opossums, raccoons and other wildlife. It attacks the liver and kidneys with rapid aggression, and the chances of saving your dog depend on how fast it is diagnosed and treated. I was not able to save her from the damage to her kidneys though we put up a good fight for five months.When it became clear we were losing this battle, I chose to put her to sleep on August 9, 2013. It was the saddest day of my life.

I wrote this book primarily as a healing journey to help me cope with her loss. It was also an attempt to educate other dog owners about the dangers of Leptospirosis as it is yet a commonly known disease. In the book, I share my stories of life with Tapa, the unconditional love dogs bestow upon us, a dog’s purpose, the way of vets and the alternative of homeopathy, preventive care, dog food recipes and much more. The Life Of Tapa is both a soulful journey and a guide to happier and healthier dogs.

I hope it helps you as a dog owner to cope with a sick dog or the loss of your best friend as well as celebrate your current dog with deeper understanding. For our dogs bring us so many gifts to help us grow into a more loving and compassionate beings.

Ten percent of all book sales will go to the Humane Society for all the great work they do around the world to help animals.