There is no more denying the razor’s edge on which the entire global population is now teetering. The tipping point has perhaps come, and gone. The world now faces the immense challenge to reverse our mistakes if we are to leave a healthy planet and a viable way of life to future generations. We, as citizens of America, have allowed the warning of President Eisenhower to become a reality. The sublime military industrial complex, along with the insidious greed of bankers and corporations, have successfully infiltrated and corrupted the very system put into place by our forefathers for our protection and promotion of liberty and justice for all. While we may no longer be the land of the free, no one can rob us of being the home of the brave…except ourselves. We cannot allow ourselves to forget that our elected government officials are chosen to serve the people and uphold our constitution, even in the face of corporate fascism. Americans have arrived at the corrupted crossroad where only the courage in our own hearts can result in the change we so desperately need. It is time for a revolution…a grassroots energy revolution to preserve our planet, our species and our future. This is a carbon and nuclear free world revolution that involves the brave heart of every single human on this Earth.

While there are many issues that need to be addressed beyond clean energy and climate change, none of these will matter if the very survival of the planet and the human race are at stake. The two most pressing problems that challenge the global community are the ongoing uses of nuclear and fossil fuel power which result in wealthier corporations and a poisoned planet plagued with resource depletion. Most all other pressing issues faced by humanity are connected to and a result of this corporate greed and prison. There is no freedom nor the capacity for humanity to thrive when our elected politicians are themselves prisoners of corporate corruption, and we are left to endure a toxic environment.

Perhaps the single greatest threat challenging the survival of humanity is the level of deception on the part of those in power. Do you know that the Federal Reserve created in 1913 was a violation of the U.S. Constitution deceptively designed for bankers to get richer? Do you know that 91 of the 400 U.S. nuclear plants are dangerously old and leaking? Do you know that close to one million people have died from the Chernobyl nuclear accident, and that the Ukraine has an untold number of homes to care for all the sick and deformed children? Do you know that the daily dumping of Fukushima radiation is killing the Pacific Ocean? Do you know that living on the west coast of America or in Hawaii is suicide unless you know how to protect yourself? Do you know that an estimated 100,000 people have already died in this country since March 2011 from the Fukushima disaster? Do you know that the global powers that be have a keen agenda for depopulation?

The truth is being hidden. It will remain hidden until we the people of the world find the courage to demand the truth. We need a revolution, and by revolution I do not mean the “forcible overthrow of the established government by the people governed”. I mean the course back to the very starting point where it all went wrong with a commitment to make it right. What would happen if everyone went to the bank and withdrew all their money? What would happen if everyone stopped paying their mortgages and credit card bills? What would happen if everyone stopped paying their electric bills and collectively refused to pay for gasoline? My point being that the real power for the change we seek lies within us, the people.

There are many significant individuals today who are presenting highly creative solutions to our global problems. One of these individuals is a man named Arjun Makhijani who has written a book called Carbon Free, Nuclear Free. This roadmap for a U.S. energy policy has serious support with a goal to terminate all fossil fuel and nuclear energy by 2050. It is karmically appropriate that the U.S. step up to the plate and lead the way since we have been both a poor example of and a selfish contributor to environmental pollution. It is a proven fact that the sustainable technologies of solar, wind, geothermal, biofuel and other renewable energy sources can sufficiently provide all the power we need. The risks of toxic waste, accidents and deadly poisons from nuclear power are far too great a threat to the flourishing of humanity and our environment. It will be the ultimate tragedy if it takes the lies, death and destruction of the continuous Fukushima disaster to show us the truth of this mistake. Makhijani recognizes that a nuclear and carbon free world will have a “transformative effect on the global political climate, which is a prerequisite for protecting the planetary physical climate“.  He further states that “the ecological, health and security benefits of realizing this goal will be immense“.

In order for each one of us to participate in this nuclear and carbon free world revolution, we must each revolve back to the beginning before we can evolve towards a better future. It means standing in front of our home with the acknowledgement of it being energy inefficient, and commit to its evolution into an energy efficient home. It means we stop driving a gas fueled car and seek an alternative. It means we stop supporting whatever is not contributing to a carbon and nuclear free world, and start supporting the ideas and technologies that are struggling to create this new reality. It means we stop complaining and find our own unique way in which to take action within this new energy revolution. Time is of the essence to ensure a healthy planet and future for our children.