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My inspiration for the creation of the original site was delivered to me on a New Mexico summer evening in 2011 when a host of about twenty-plus dragonflies flew through the open door to my studio and surrounded me. Needless to say, such an extraordinary experience awakened me to the deeper meaning of the dragonfly. No other creature on our planet, except the butterfly, undergoes such an extreme transformation as the dragonfly. It begins its life as a nymph under the water, experiencing a series of molts until one day, it climbs out of the water onto a stalk where it sits and waits for its new body to form, complete with iridescent wings with which it takes to the air for its new winged life. The dragonfly is the perfect metaphor for humanity’s current transformation out of the lower vibrational, emotional drama into the higher vibrational, spiritual state of a lighter being. It is perhaps both an awakening, and a remembering, of our true destiny as spiritual, creative beings, and the promise of humanity’s inevitable metamorphosis.

On this site you will find numerous and informative posts to help you navigate these times of great change. The category topics are to the left of this page. Please do not miss reading the heart-warming dragonfly stories shared by others that may help you find answers to questions regarding the mysterious visitations by dragonflies. You can also shop here for a variety of dragonfly gifts that I have hand-picked for you. Lastly, I offer a combo of Gene Key, Astrology and Chakra readings with a sliding-scale to suit your budget. These readings will help you understand yourself as a vibrational being, and to align with your highest purpose while here on the Earth.

May the information shared here help you find your wings for these winds of change.

Dragonfly Stories

My son passed away 2 weeks ago today at the age of 21. I have never the less been distraught over this. Last night as I was getting ready to sleep, I notice something flying in my room. I turned on the light and noticed a little dragonfly. It was beautiful. It’s wings were clear with what looked like freckles. It flew around me, landed on my curtains then on my pillow and then again found rest on my lampshade with the light on. It stayed there I assumed all night. In the morning, it was gone. I found your website and have learned a deeper understanding of these mystical creatures. I have been reading and I think my son is trying to communicate with me. I truly think he is tying to make me aware of the spirit and to look inside myself. For a deeper understanding. I am trying and know I time in will open my mind and soul to a deeper connection. Thank you for all the information that is provided.
How I know my son has directed me is that on the page where you have dragonfly symbolism, the date that it was created was his birthday. June 18.

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