We are one with all life’s creatures, even the insects such as dragonflies. Every person, every animal and insect has a purpose in the grand scheme of life. We are here to create harmony among all living creatures, and sometimes it is easier to find peace with animals over humans. Animals are our teachers even as we humans can be teachers for them. When we have unusual experiences or communications with particular animals, they often become a totem animal for us. It can be just one animal or often several totem animals that have significance for us. When an animal clearly becomes a totem for us, its purpose is to impart its medicine to us. There is really nothing we need do except open out heart and mind to this medicine, and allow it to guide and heal us. I have long been a recipient of dragonfly medicine. I would like to share some of the magic and healing from having this iridescent winged creature as a dragonfly totem.

One of the signs that an animal has become a totem is the way in which they just keep showing up in your life. If you have several totem animals, they will take turns showing up, depending on what your needing at the time. I recently went through a difficult time, and moved into a friends casita where I could heal and re-group. The day I moved in, my friend came by to show me this huge dragonfly that she had found in the casita that morning. It was dead, yet still retaining some its bright color. We both knew it was a sign of things to come for me. It still sits on my fireplace mantle, where it radiates dragonfly spirit throughout the house. And I, too, have been experiencing my own death…the death of my own self-created illusions, and the death of dreams that were not meant to be.

Dragonfly medicine is asking me to dig deeper, to see beyond the illusions, to be present in the here and now with no regrets, to heal my wounds so I may live fully, to embrace change. It is easier said than done as we humans are so conditioned and attached to our comfort zones, even if those comfort zones are unhealthy and not supporting us. One of the greatest gifts that comes from dragonfly spirit is the understanding of our need for balance between the two worlds of mundane matter and spiritual truth. Dragonfly zips about doing her dance here yet manages to maintain her magic and light. She illuminates the two worlds, the polarity between matter and spirit. Many people deny their birthright and power as spiritual beings, some spend their lives in temples atop mountains seeking spirit, while others struggle to find the balance. We are consumed by the pace and stress of modern life which leaves little time or energy to connect with the deeper meaning of life. Yet this is what dragonfly totem asks of us.

About ten years ago, I participated in a special Native American ceremony in summer time. I sat next to a beautiful, elderly Cherokee man who was visiting the area, and out of the blue he started talking about dragonflies. He told me they were the dream keepers, and if they come to you it is because you are holding illusions that are in the way of your dreams. He asked me if I would like to be given a Cherokee name. It seemed appropriate since I came from Cherokee territory back in Virginia. Later that evening we sat by a fire next to a creek. He said he would pray with me until the name came to him, but in only a few minutes he gave me my name: One Who Dreams. I asked how he got it so fast. He said it was easy. I had a dragonfly sitting on my head.

My most cherished gift of dragonfly spirit is the power of color. I am obsessed with color, and have been for a long time. My paintings are full of color, and I love working with iridescent colors and paints. I am always wearing colorful clothes, and people are always commenting on my color combinations. People who come to my home are in awe of all the color everywhere. I often wake thinking about color. Color is so healing, and I am certain that is why dragonflies are so colorful. Color has a potent affect on our moods, feelings, energy and emotions. The more we work with colors, wear colors and surround ourselves with color, the deeper we will go into the healing realms of dragonfly medicine.

Consider yourself blessed if you have been chosen by dragonfly totem. I do believe the totems come to us, not us to them. They know when our hearts are open, and we are ready to receive their medicine. I have had powerful experiences with bats, rattlesnakes, sea turtles and bears. They have all brought me amazing messages to support me on my path.

I happen to be writing this post late at night sitting in bed. In case you are wondering how powerful dragonfly totem might be, as I went to turn off the light, I saw a silver dragonfly hanging over my head in the sheer yellow curtain. He was most likely there the whole time I was writing this.