I love ethic designs! It is wonderful to travel the world, and discover the roots at the heart of a culture which are expressed in their designs. When I lived in New Mexico, it was hard not to become enchanted with the traditional Navajo designs prevalent in rugs, blankets and pottery. Ethnic designs are steeped in symbolism, drawing on relevant symbols that speak deeply of specific aspects embedded in their cultural daily lives. Zigzags might represent the mountains, water or even a spiritual concept while other symbols would signify various plants or animals. Navajo designs evolved beyond symbols to include the strength of the designs themselves, the richness and boldness of color and the overall textural quality of a rug or serape.

Ethnic designs are exciting, lively, bold, colorful, and strong. With the emphasis today on transitional style, ethnic design blends beautifully into both traditional and contemporary decors.

In 2005 I traveled to West Africa. I was in textile heaven when it came to the markets. West African fabric design has a very unique flair, and again, incorporates symbols that represent some meaningful part of their every day life. Water is scarce in this part of Africa. The calabash is a gourd grown from a vine to primarily become a water container rather than a source of food. It is thus highly regarded as a vital component of the West African culture, and it is honored as a decorative motif on fabrics, rugs and pottery.

senegal calabash

Senegal Calabash

Ethnic designs make great floorcloths. If you would like to create a durable rug from a design you have from some wonderful place in the world, then consider a custom floorcloth to make that happen!


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