Feng Shui is the ancient art and practice of creating living spaces and environments which flow in harmony with the universe.  This holds true whether it is a land property or an actual house. The manner of design and placement can affect one’s life either negatively or positively. Feng Shui is based on the Chinese philosophy of Taoism, and the notion that the laws of the universe affecting heaven and earth can influence a person’s life and home. It can depend on the way a person applies these laws. In regards to Feng Shui, heaven refers to astronomy and earth to geography. It is believed by practicing the laws of Feng Shui, one is living in accordance to universal harmony which will have positive results. Taoism sees human patterns as a mirror for the sacred order of the universe, and all life on earth is a mirror of heaven. The literal translation of Feng Shui is wind and water. Wind and water influence the flow of energy found in nature.

Feng Shui supports the idea of everything in the universe being alive and filled with energy or Chi. Chi is universal energy, the vital energy of Tao, which connects everything and permeates all life on the planet. Tao is like the ocean consisting of two currents: Yang Chi and Yin Chi which are responsible for the continuous, flowing motion. Chi gives us life force, and is the energy flowing through our living environment. Feng Shui examines how the Chi flows in one’s home as well as how this flow affects us. When the Chi in our living environment is flowing properly, we align with the energy in our homes. When we are in harmony with our environment, our lives become more balanced. Positive Chi in the home creates optimum Chi health in our bodies. When Chi does not flow both in our homes and bodies harmoniously, illness and negativity can ensue. If we are surrounded by negative Chi, positive energy can become blocked. Feng Shui corrects these blockages so we experience positive energy flow once again.

Feng Shui uses a compass called a Lo Pan to look at various directions where positive and negative areas of Chi are located in one’s environment, and to define the Bagua of a home. The Bagua results in a map which pinpoints directions specific to a person so they can experience the beneficial flow in their homes or offices which in turn creates harmony in their lives. The compass locations direct the flow of Chi for that person, and help define the favorable and unfavorable Feng Shui areas. Auspicious results come from placing things in the appropriate directions and the favorable areas.

Once the directions specific for a person’s living space is determined with the result of the Bagua map, each direction is ruled by a particular element. In this case, the five elements in Feng Shui are Wood, Fire, Metal, Water and Earth. Each element has its own specific colors as well as specific directions and object shapes. The type of material which correlates to that element is also taken into consideration.  For example, one can place a vase of orchids in the marriage area to encourage loving harmony in relationship; place a bamboo plant, the element of Wood, in the wealth area; place a blue crystal in the career area or a mandala floor cloth design in an entrance hall to attract cosmic energies. Mirrors can be used to increase the flow of Chi in the missing areas of a room. Outside an irregular shaped home, stones or water fountains can be used to balance the missing areas while stones placed on either side of a front entrance can serve as protection. All these elements contribute to positive energy flow. There are also things not to be done in specific areas and directions because they block and destroy the positive flow of Chi. This is called killing breath as it literally kills the life breath of Chi.

Bagua map

Today, many people of all cultures practice Feng Shui. They find it to be a beneficial, spiritual practice which cultivates a cosmic connection as well as allowing them to go beyond themselves and create harmonious lives. Feng Shui is suitable for anyone who desires good energy in their lives and home based on the premise of living in harmony with nature, the elements and ourselves.

I once had a Feng Shui practitioner friend come to my house. He asked me which door did we use regularly to enter the house. I told him the side kitchen door. He walked through that door to see another door directly across from this one that went to the patio. He turned to me and said I must begin using the front door. He explained that the kitchen doors across from one another meant everything that came into my life would leave my life. I continued to use the kitchen door, and so it was the man I loved left my life.