While it has been more than three years since the catastrophic nuclear meltdown at Fukushima in Japan, most Americans remain in the dark with unanswered questions regarding the consequences. We are not out of the woods yet by any means, and it remains deplorable that our government has failed to provide adequate answers. While specific government organizations continue to raise the safe levels of radiation, scientists and concerned citizens are finding significant levels of radiation not only in the soils, food and water all along the west coast, but all across America.

•     It is a proven fact that there are NO safe levels of radiation.
•    It is a proven fact that more than 90% of all cancers can be attributed to poisonous toxins in our soils, food, water and air.
•    It is a proven fact that most all nuclear power plants and facilities for the storage of nuclear waste are leaking poisons into our water, soils and air.

It is time we the people have the truth about radiation protection.

I have attached an article below by Dr. John Apsley, founder of the International College of Regenerative Medicine, who attempts to bring us this truth. His studies and findings are simultaneously compelling, disturbing and hopeful, if we take action. We can take steps to protect ourselves against radiation and our ever increasing toxic environment, but we will not take these steps if we do not wake up to the facts and the truth. Since the Fukushima catastrophe, I have read a vast array of posts online that range from suggestions to vacate the northern hemisphere to forsaking any concern whatsoever. Clearly, we cannot make an informed decision nor take appropriate action if we cannot find the truth between these extremes. We are deemed foolish to be in complete denial and alarmists if we flee the country. The balance is in trying to find the real facts, and if we choose to stay, take action to protect ourselves. While we would all like to continue along the joyful road of life as we know it, the truth is our environment and thus our health and well being are at risk. Do not wait until the facts finally present themselves only to discover there were things you could have been doing for protection. Radiation is invisible and deadly. Please read the article below and share it with those you love.

Update on Radiation Exposure in America – How You Can Protect Your Family

by Dr. John Apsley

In this newsletter, I share my latest research into radiation exposure in America and its effects on health. I have received many questions from all of you about what areas are the safest. You’ll find answers to those questions throughout this newsletter, including what to do for your health. Be sure to read the Solutions section.  There I provide clarity on how to best protect yourselves and your family from the ongoing risks associated with radiation exposure with additional links to my website.

Health stats all derive from the accumulations of bad forces driving illness verses good forces driving health. As Hippocrates famously stated:

Disease is not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patient’s body, a battle between the substance of disease and the natural self-healing tendency of the body.”

At the dawn of World War II, just a little over 30% of Americans volunteering for military service were rejected due to health inadequacies. Today, that number has risen to over 70% of young American volunteers being unfit to serve in our armed forces.

Today it is well documented that nutritional deficiencies and toxins in our food supply and environment are at fault. Regardless of the toxin or disease, tiny amounts of absorbed radioactive particles greatly amplify their toll on the human body. The National Cancer Institute has determined that up to 90% of our cancers arise from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.

Read more about the trend in decaying American health 

It is any wonder Americans rank 31st in the world for life expectancy, suffer the 7th highest cancer rate among all countries, and rank behind 40 countries that have lower infant mortality rates?

This begs the question – why? Prior to 1952, the mortality rate from all sources was dramatically declining. After 1952 this dramatic decline lost its steam. In fact, in some years, startling mortality escalations (especially for the 25 to 44 age group) occurred despite unprecedented advances in U.S. healthcare. So, what happened? Well, to be pithy, in 1952 radioactive fallout was unleashed in earnest upon Americans. Plus, we began polluting our environment with vast amounts of other, non-radioactive heavy metals and toxins.

As far back as the 1960′s, no less than three Nobel Prize winners warned us as about the “long-armed” consequences of man-made radiation.[8] But we did not listen. The National Research Council’s 2006 BEIR VII Report tells us point blank that there is no safe level of radiation exposure. Instead we keep buying into the hype and promise of cheap, clean, limitless electrical nuclear power. But the reality has always been net higher costs well hidden from the public view. The nuclear power conversation rarely includes the lost quality of life and healthcare costs associated with radioactive exposures inherent to running the technology.

Radioactive fallout now abounds in the food chain of the Northern Hemisphere. The health threat is greatest to those living near nuclear power plants as well as those exposed to fallout from nuclear accidents. No one who lives in the path of radioactive fallout is spared the direst trans-generational health consequences. In stark contrast to this picture are the typically lower mortality rates in developed countries that decided to forego nuclear power entirely.

 But have no fear – we can do something about it. Read on.

Where is the Truth?

As you know, I complete research to find as much truth as possible to share with you. Below is a list of some of my latest findings:

1. The Japanese Parliament has enacted secrecy laws under penalty of imprisonment effectively squashing any reporting of real-time data concerning the ongoing Fukushima crises, while long practicing sophisticated means to skew real data that did surface (see my book, p. 44). This modus operandi (M.O.) is precisely replicating the playbook from the Soviet era, which…

2. Outlawed the reporting of all data regarding their Chernobyl catastrophe (see my book pp. 14 & 15),  

3. Which mirrors NCI withholding until 1997 that 160 million U.S. citizens, including many children, were hit with intense radioactive fallout arising from the Atomic Energy Commissions 1952-1963 above ground bomb testing that resulted in up to 210,000 US childhood thyroid cancers (see my book, pp. 12 & 13). This blackout of data until 1997 has strong affinities in appearances to…

4. EPA’s decision not to deploy portable RadNet radiation measuring devices (where gaps existed) to the west coast in order to accurately measure incoming Fukushima fallout, suspiciously linked to what appears to be  

5. EPA monitoring stations that were in operation appear to have been recalibrated to reduce measurements by ~ 10X (see my book pp. 42 – 44),

6. EPA shutting down its radiation monitoring stations as early as May 2011, plus  

7. Canada’s Food Inspection Agency has followed suit,

8. EPA’s unscientific and unacceptable proposals to raise permissible radiation limits by up to 100,000-fold, with all of the above acting as an enabler for  

9. The Japanese government in concert with the International Commission of Radiological Protection (ISCRP) and UNSCAR  to use highly questionable math to justify raising by 20-fold the permissible radiation contamination limits for all food, water, debris, manure and sewage …

10. Two former Japanese Prime Ministers call for Japan to shut down all nuclear power plants, but they remain open.  

11. And now our US Navy withholds information about the sailors stricken with radiation sickness during Operation Tomodachi.

12. Radiation exposure to our airman during the Gulf War has killed many of our finest & best.

13. History of cover-up at VA regarding Gulf War radiation sickness and more.

For a more complete history over the last 55 years of US Government nuclear cover-ups, see here.  

All of the above begs one question: What terrifies governments and businesses so much that they consistently conceal the truth? Could The Truth About What Causes Cancer Scare Them The Most? 

According to the EPA, the maximum permissible dose (or “dose limit”) of annual radiation per American shall not exceed 100 mrem.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission states that on average every American receives a yearly dose of 624 mrem, a dose which exceeds by over 6 times the upward dose limit of the EPA! On average, so called “normal background radiation” is responsible for about 50% of this annual exposure, while other man-made (anthropomorphic) sources account for the other 50% (i.e., living within 50 miles of an operational nuclear power plant, radiation pollution, annual chest x-rays, annual breast mammography, dental x-rays, travels by air, etc…).

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants us to believe that there is no proof that these dosages cause any harm!  Let’s test the truth worthiness of Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s claim that a high average annual dose does not cause any harm…

According to the most reliable scientific body on risks from radiation exposure, the National Research Council of the National Academies (NRCNA) states that without exception there is no safe level of radiation, period. They go on to provide methods to calculate cancer rates in their Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation (BEIR) VII Phase 2 publication. Their calculations reveal that at the rate of 311 million Americans annually exposed to over 624 mrems, we would generate approximately 200,000 cases of new cancers per year (see NRCNA’s BEIR VII Chapter 12, pages 267-312 for all tables and calculations).

Given that in the U.S. ~1,600,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each and every year, we can clearly see that 1/8th of all U.S. cancers are the direct result from radiation exposure as indicated by research performed by NRCNA. NRCNA has consistently spoken the truth when it comes to radiation risks. So in my view, they are reliable and trustworthy when it comes to radiation statistics and tallies.

Obviously, any new additional input of radiation into our daily lives is a huge, unacceptable risk to the American public. Just in terms of medical costs and loss of life, trillions of our health care dollars could be saved over the next decade by simply turning off nuclear power plants and taking simple precautionary measures to remove exposure to normal background radiation.

Radquench Solutions – There are Solutions

By now, everyone should be coming to the realization that until we have better clean-up strategies and solutions, we are going to have to live with the effects of environmental radiation. So, what do you do? I recommend that you adopt three simple practices.

 1. Protect. Protect yourself from the effects of radiation as much as possible. You can do this by:

  • Purchasing scientific charcoal grade water filters for tap water. A newly invented filter for removing radioactive particles will soon be on the market. Stay tuned for more information.
  • Acquiring high-end HEPA air filters to keep your home air clean.
  •  Consuming safe food (see my book, Fukushima Meltdown and Modern Radiation pages 151-158).
  •  Checking for radon outgassing in your crawl-space or basements and using fans to blow out the radon if you find it.
  •  Leaving shoes and coats on porch or garage, especially after rainfall.
  •  Taking Norwegian Kelp and Vitamin C with each meal to protect against hidden food contaminants. Another important reason to take this product is its ability to detoxify.

2. Detoxify. If you have been impacted, take steps to clear your body of the effects. There are two key elimination channels to speed removal of inhaled or ingested radioactive particles. Keep reading for more how-to details on radiation detoxification.

3. Rebuild. You can quench Ongoing Radical Oxygen Species (ROS) Generated by Ingested or Inhaled Radioactive Particles using:

Keep reading to learn more about which health protection program is right for you AND a current breakdown of the safest places to live in the US