The current unrest and problems we face in the world have been exacerbated by the hidden workings of the shadow, both individually and collectively. Understanding the nature of our shadow is complicated by the fact that the individual shadow contributes to the collective shadow while the collective shadow greatly influences the individual shadow. This is why I turn to the Gene Keys to discern the role of my individual shadows which helps me understand how they contribute to the collective shadows, and thus, how the collective shadow may be perpetuating the activity of my personal shadows. That is a lot of shadows at work!

It is important to grasp that all shadows are ultimately illusions. They are not the real truth of who we are nor do they collectively define the true state of the world in which we live. Shadows are a necessary presence in lower dimensional frequencies to further the evolutionary process. They are teachers, mirrors, which consistently attempt to point us to the light which creates them. When we transcend our shadows, we graduate to higher dimensional frequencies where understanding and perception becomes more clear. The challenge of living in a dimension where shadows are prevalent is that they are constantly mirrored to us by both those with whom we are in relationship as well as by the collective. It is as though there is no escape, and in truth there is no out until we move through and transcend them.

The 1980s marked the beginning of a greater collective journey into the individual shadow territory. Bookstores were suddenly filled with new categories of self-help, soul searching, healing and spiritual quests and paths. The healing arts boomed with yoga, meditation, reiki, energy healing, chakra balancing, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, macrobiotics, vegan food, acupuncture, massage, vision quests and the list goes on. Whether we realize it or not, we were entering a new era of the Self. Now, thirty years later, we may begin to look back on this journey and see how far we have come. It has been the preparation for the next step. Richard Tarnas sums it up so perfectly from a passage in his book, Cosmos and Psyche, by saying:

“It is perhaps not too much to say that, in the first decade of the new millennium, humanity has entered into a condition that is in some sense more globally united and interconnected, more sensitized to the experiences and suffering of others, in certain respects more spiritually awakened, more conscious of alternative future possibilities and ideals, more capable of collective healing and compassion, and, aided by technological advances in communication media, more able to think, feel and respond together in a spiritually evolved manner to the world’s swift changing realities than has ever before been possible.”

In other words, we have individually been doing our work to understand our personal shadows, and we are witnessing the fruits of our labor in the collective. This is huge. It is vital to grasp why this has been necessary. Our world now sits on the brink of disaster as a consequence of run away and unexamined shadows. We have polluted our planet, allowed men behind the curtain to run the show, witnessed the horrors of war, poverty, suffering, deception and enough is enough. Lurking quietly beneath the ongoing drama presented by the media is a “movement with no name.” It is comprised of thousands of grassroots non-profit organizations who have responded with heart to the shadows of injustice and suffering in this world. This movement is gathering strength in the face of all our institutional break downs. We may consider the option to rejoice for now the next step begins, beyond the individual, and towards the collective in order to restore life as it was meant to be.

While we may still find ourselves struggling with our personal shadows, the time is rapidly approaching wherein we will each be called upon to do our part. The more peace we have made with our individual shadows, the better, for we will have a sharpened understanding of what we have to give. But if not, we will find ourselves swept into this movement where we can more gradually define the gifts we have been given. In short, time is running out to confront our own shadows as the global situation is demanding a collective effort. The monumental issues we face to save and restore this world to ensure a brighter future for all is going to require each one of us to show up. The insight of our personal shadows reveals the light of our gifts, our design, our true destiny. Armed with this arsenal of understanding, one becomes a force to heal the collective shadow. And it is a force of love. By healing our own shadow wounds, we possess the capacity to help heal the shadow wounds of the collective. We have all suffered injury from what we have experienced in the collective hidden shadow. As we move towards collective healing with love in our hearts, the collective shadow illusion will crumble. And like the dragonfly, we will be given the wings to fly.