A friend brought me a lovely piece of fabric from Ghana once. It was covered in these hearts with the open top and the swirls. He told me he had never seen this heart motif used so much in fabric design as he saw in Ghana. I dug around in one of my symbols books to find this motif, and incredibly specific to Ghana it means ” turn back and fetch it.” In regards to love, since it is a heart motif, maybe it means go back and fetch that man or woman that you loved and lost. It’s a nice thought. Maybe all the squiggly lines I put in this design signify all the paths to turning back. Some say there is no going back, only forward. But when our heart breaks, sometimes we wish we could go back. Maybe it’s good we don’t, we can’t, but then maybe not. Here is my hearts design with a midnight blue center, soft pink hearts amidst squiggly lines in pale gray and lavender with a lavender border. May you fetch the love you lost.

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