Passion is a curious word. The dictionary attributes quite a mixed bag of meanings for this word which include strong emotional feelings, love, lust, sexual desire, outbursts of anger or violence and the religious connotations of suffering. Passion derives from the Latin word “pati” which means to suffer. Thus the word compassion means to suffer with. One might hesitate to embrace and display passion with all these translations in mind. Nonetheless, human beings are notoriously passionate, yet simultaneously, as a result of religious influence, embrace suffering with their passions while being compassionate about suffering. What might happen if we chose to be passionate about not mixing our passions with suffering?

Buddhism teaches that our desires are the root cause of all human suffering. One might conclude from this that to end our suffering, we simply have to give up our desires, and perhaps our passions. This is impossible for most of us who choose to participate fully in the world. But what we can give up is our attachment to the outcome of our desires and passions. If we accept the meaning of passion to be a strong depth of feelings and emotions, then our passions become a trusted guide for what feels good, and our suffering becomes the consequence of doing what feels bad.

A play on the word passion is interesting: “pass-i-on.” We might consider how we pass on our desire for one thing to choose another, and even pass on our passion to others. Certainly, we all benefit from the talented passions of people who pass on the gifts of those passions to us. Our passions ignite our creative sparks, and grant us a life within the flow of creation. Creation holds all possibilities since it is thought endlessly seeking to express and manifest itself. Within creation, within the word passion, we can find both the expressions of pain and an oasis.

All of humanity is challenged today by the ongoing, and mostly hidden, agendas of domination and control by global leadership and elite central bankers which threaten our passions and freedom. How do we ignite our passions and preserve our freedom within a system of government designed to make us prisoners of the system itself? We are governed by runaway passions of money, power and greed passing on to us, and future generations, corrupt leadership, a toxic planet and limitations for our passions. The power needs to return to the people wherein all the infinite possibilities for our passions can be explored and freely manifested.

It is within the parameters of my own awakening to these truths that I have cultivated my passions for humanity’s individual and collective transformation towards true freedom; a return to sustainable, green living which supports our planet, our health and our future; the protection of and appreciation for all the animals with whom we share this planet; and the crucial movement towards our walk with the Earth as we return to living in harmony with natural law. I am passionate about not leaving my children a planet in the hands of those who seek to destroy it.

It is my sincere hope that sharing these passions might ignite your own passionate transformation towards the preservation of our beautiful, blue star planet and our sacred freedoms.

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