Natural law is a vibratory force at work within the invisible field in which all living things establish wholeness, order and integrity. Rupert Sheldrake identified this elusive space as the morphic field wherein all self-organizing systems possess an innate memory for shifts in frequencies. Thus, all living things are connected through a collective memory known as morphic resonance. Natural law offers us the guiding principles to which we can collectively resonate, and begin to remember who we are as whole beings in symbiotic relationship to all life. The positive and negative expressions of natural law are a spiritual science: our earthly manifestations are proven evidence for the spiritual quality of our conscious or unconscious choices. If we want to manifest good in the world, we must align with the requirements for the positive expression of natural law with unwavering commitment.

The chart above, courtesy of Mark Passio at, defines our current global challenge to manifest order and good over manifested evil and chaos. Let’s begin with the negative expressions that generate fear so that we can end with the positive expressions for the love we long to see flourishing upon our planet.

The Natural Law of Polarity confirms the dual nature of the universe in which everything is paired with a polarized opposite. While there is no escaping theses dual forces, this law does allow offer the natural inclination for opposites to move towards a harmonious reconciliation. The danger, however, lies in polarized opposites that fail to converge whereupon they become fixed, rigid dualities engaged in a futile and tiresome battle to dominate. The goal is to remain in the dynamic flow of polarization rather than becoming trapped within the confinement of unyielding duality. Our ability to maintain balance and fluidity within polarized opposites creates the foundation for what we use to create as the generative polarity. We see in the world today the trappings of unconscious fear igniting the negative expressions that can only lead to more chaos. We must balance and reconcile our descent into fear with our conscious choice for a loving positive expression that guarantees a better outcome. Our co-creative choice to love, not fear, is the foundation for all our positive manifestations.

When we unconsciously choose fear, we generate the vibration of fear that blocks our acceptance of natural law’s truth, and we begin to operate from a state of ignorance. Our ignorance creates the confusion that dominates our internal domain, and we project this confusion into our environment whereby the external expression generates the need for control. The more control that is enforced upon a society, the more chaos is generated from which manifested evil arises. Our subsequent victimization status is futile for we the people chose to use our unconscious fear as our generative polarity. The Natural Law of Cause and Effect affirms that the effect of our victimization is the cause of our unconscious ignorance as to how we became victims. We cannot undo the effect; we can only shift our consciousness to the causal plane by which to recognize our accountability for our current condition. We cannot harvest change from our fearful garden overgrown with chaotic weeds; we can create change by planting new seeds of love into the causal soil.

The positive expression of natural law requires that we become master gardeners to grow the garden of our dreams. We must consciously choose to plant the seeds of love that carry the truth and knowledge of our internal mastery and sovereignty. As we project the power of our internal monarchy into the world, our garden grows in the rich, fertile soil of freedom from which external self-mastery blossoms. Now we can harvest the bounty we have created from our consistent dedication to nurturing the positive expressions of natural law. The effect is our manifestation of a garden full of order and beauty from which only good things can come.