My Seahorses and Seaweed Collections are two separate collections that I am combining here for this post since they share the sea. The great Mother ocean is filled with sea life, aquatic plants, super seaweed, flowers, shells and coral wonders that gift us with an endless source of inspiration for living and creating.

One of the most intriguing creatures of the sea is the tiny, but mighty, seahorse possessing a most unique trait. It is the male seahorse that carries their unborn in his belly and gives birth to their offspring. This unusual attribute belongs to only one other species of fish. Seahorses are also distinct with their colors that display almost every shade and hue under the sun. They tend to choose just one mate, and are often seen holding tails. These little horses of the ocean are fierce protectors, and their small size enables them to effectively hide from predators amidst coral plants. One of their greatest predators is the human who seeks to capture seahorses for aquariums and other purposes. Let us learn to leave the creatures of the wild in their natural homes, and be content with artistic renderings of their magnificence.



Holding Tails Throw Pillow


Spotted Mates T-shirt

shower curtain

Holding Tails Shower Curtain

seahorse handbag

Electric Seahorse Handbag










Another small sea creature that is a relative of seahorses is the sea dragon. While its relative is designed with sharp protrusions for protection, the sea dragon displays leafy appendages with which to vanish from its predators amidst the plant life of coral reefs. The sea dragon gracefully swims the salty sea cleverly disguised as ocean flora.


sea dragon

        Sea Dragon Grace Tray



My Seaweed Collection was inspired purely by my ocean swims amidst this amazing sea flora. Seaweed is actually not deemed a plant since it has no roots, stems or leaves. It is rather a species of algae that receives everything it needs to thrive from the seawater, and there are more species of seaweed than the plants on land. As living flora in the sea with endless shades and textures, their many colors dance and change beneath the traveling sunlight and passing clouds. Many ocean creatures depend upon seaweed as a food source, as well as humans who seek its nutritional nourishment along with its medicinal properties. This vital weed of the sea has the ability to purge toxins from the ocean water, while also being one the greatest producers of oxygen upon our planet. An assortment of useful, household products are derived from seaweed ingredients, and many believe that this super algae will become the new bio-fuel for the future.



I have splashed this remarkable gift from the sea onto home products and accessories with a lovely seaweed design that comes in many colors.




seaweed pillow

Seaweed Throw Pillow


Seaweed Serving Tray


Seaweed Wrapping Paper

shower curtain

Seaweed Shower Curtain









You can view all the products in both the Seahorses Collection and the Seaweed Collection by simply clicking on the images below. Enjoy!