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Eco House Books

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small eco houses


Small Eco Houses: Living Green in Style


Price: $22.90

Fresh perspectives on how good design can create stylish yet ecologically sound living spaces in small-scale homes. Anyone who has faced the challenges of limited living space will find inspiration in this survey of the latest trends in environmentally sensitive, small-scale residential designs. More than fifty residential spaces are profiled—from woodsy houses and repurposed barns to cool apartments and urban lofts—both inside and out. Most of the projects were designed by up-and-coming architects, and each design proves that small-scale efficiency as well as beautiful, thoughtful design can overcome the apparent constraints of a small setting. Environmental impact is a growing concern, so each project was chosen because of its ecological sensitivity. Each case history describes the challenges confronting the designer and the solutions. Creating color schemes to enhance the feeling of openness, taking advantage of high ceilings to make multiple levels, and using collapsible furniture and sliding doors to maximize space are some of the design solutions that can be applied in any situation. Filled with beautiful color photographs and helpful floorplans, this book is a remarkable showcase of how good design can transform any small space into a comfortable, modern—and environmentally sensitive—home.

Customer Review

“This is a good “ideas” book for visual concepts of a finished house and floor plans, but there are only short details on the eco features for each house. I have added it to the library next to books with more technical detail on eco ideas and implementation – they will complement each other.”


eco home ideas


150 Best Eco House Ideas


Price: $23.18

The newest volume in the highly successful “150 Best” series—joining 150 Best House Ideas and 150 Best Apartment Ideas150 Best Eco House Ideas is a comprehensive handbook showcasing the latest in sustainable architecture and environmentally-friendly home design. Perfect for architects, designers, interiors decorators, and homeowners alike.

Customer Reviews

“This is another really good resource book for ideas when one is seeking to build eco-sensibly and sustainably, providing a large range of examples in many different settings within which one will be able to discover settings to match any project in the planning stages. Highly recommended.”

“Love the coffee table book & stunning photography, as well as the eco features of each home ! I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE to dwell in any one of those featured.”

“This book has beautiful photography. I find the information about eco principles is very brief and the snippets don’t relate clearly to the photographs. I was expecting to get photographs with explanatory notes on how the eco ideas were utilised in the designs. There are plans included but they are so small I have difficulty reading them. Recommended for the photography, but this is not an instructional book on eco principles.”


green home building


The Green Self-Build Book: How to Design And Build Your Own Eco-home


Price: $31.82

Whether you want a turf roof, solar-powered hot water, a straw bale home, or a super-insulated (and cost-efficient) house, you need to know the essential elements of the process. In The Green Self-Build Book, Jon Broome gives an overview of the different methods of sustainable and eco-friendly construction techniques for non-professionals.

The Green Self-Build Book gives inspiration and information to guide you through the green building process. It is intended for anyone who is planning a do-it-yourself project, and for housing professionals, students, and teachers.


green building designs


The New Ecological Home: A Complete Guide to Green Building Options


Price: $28.18

Today, a new generation of architects and builders is emerging, intent on creating homes that meet human needs for shelter while causing only a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional housing. “The New Ecological Home” provides an overview of green building techniques, materials, products, and technologies that are either currently available or will be in the near future. Author Daniel Chiras provides a wealth of up-to-date, practical information for home buyers, owner-builders, and anyone interested in building for a sustainable future. Included are chapters on: – The Healthy House – Green Building Materials – Wood-Wise Construction – Energy Efficiency – Earth-Sheltered Architecture – Passive Solar Heating and Passive Cooling – Green Power: Electricity from the Sun and Wind – Water and Waste: Sustainable Approaches – Environmental Landscaping

Customer Review

“This book could very easily serve as a textbook for a green building course. It’s not a coffee table book – the photos are small, and black and white – but very useful in supporting the text. This is a serious book about alternative building written by and about a group of people who have been creatively, responsibly, thoughtfully building for a very long time. It’s a good choice for builders who want to learn more about sustainability, students who want to go into the field, or homeowners who are looking to build. It’s not so much glitzy and inspirational as it is informative and useful: comprehensive from site selection and design through building options and techniques, to landscaping, it also contains a great resource guide.”


eco houses




Price: $49.20

Now in its 3rd edition, the bestselling Ecohouse continues to be both a technical guide and an inspiration for thousands of architects, designers and eco-builders all over the world.

As the need to slow climate change becomes increasingly urgent, growing numbers of people are looking to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings by using more ecologically sound techniques. Ecohouse provides design information about the latest low-impact materials and technologies, showcasing the newest and best ‘green’ solutions with international case studies demonstrating sustainable design in action around the world.

This edition has been expanded to include advice on powering Ecohouses using renewable energy – including wind, micro hydro and heat pumps – and an introduction to low impact building materials such as lime, earth and hemp. New case studies from across the globe have been added to inspire readers with real life examples of how to make an Ecohouse work

Just reading this book won’t save the world from the impact of climate change – but if everyone from governments down to householders followed its advice we might just begin to turn the tide.

Additional audience:
Eco-enthusiasts and green self-builders will appreciate the handy hints and references on refurbishment and advice on how to kit out their Ecohouse with the greenest appliances and fittings.

Lecturers and students on sustainable design and construction courses will find the latest real-world case studies fascinating and a great source of inspiration for their studio project work.

Customer Review

“A great book, fill a lot of missing links that other similar resources fail to address.”


green home conversions


Eco-house Renovations: 45 Green Home Conversions


Price: $40.00

Whether you live in a town house, a village colonial, a country barn, or a coastal saltbox, you can convert your old house into an ecologically sound new house. This design book provides inspiration for aesthetically pleasing and practical renovations that can change the environment one house at a time. Starting with a section on basic planning, this guide walks you through some major considerations necessary to the success of an eco-renovation. Tour 45 projects around the country, including homes that have been reconfigured, renovated, added to, or otherwise redone to address everything from the size of the building’s footprint and energy needs, to its use of sustainable or even reused materials and its pollution emissions. Illustrated with nearly 300 photos and building plans, and complete with design resources, this is a great reference for anyone considering an eco-renovation.