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Solar Power Generators

Solar Power Generators 2018-06-18T00:55:03+00:00

Solar power generators are becoming a vital emergency item to have on hand. Use the power of the sun for back up energy with no noise and no fumes. While others endure power outages from storms, you will be doing business as usual. There are so many good reasons to have a solar generator. Click the link below the image to find out more or to order.


solar power

 Portable Solar Generator Plug N Play Kit By Offgridsolargenerators


Price: $329.99

This is a very simple plug n play solar generator. It comes with a brand new duracell powerpack 600, and a brand new solar panel that simple plugs into the battery pack. This makes it easy to use anywhere for anything. The solar panel has 9ft of wire so you can put the panel in the sun and the battery where you need it. Works great for remote areas without grid power, emergencies, or camping. This kit does not need a separate charge controller because the battery automatically turns to trickle charge when the batteries are full. No orders to Alaska or Hawaii.

Customer Review

“I bought this unit along with a larger one from this seller about 2 months ago. While I bought the larger unit through Amazon this unit I bought from the seller’s website because I called him and asked him to build me a unique version of this product. Instead of the rigid solar panels that comes with this unit, I wanted a flexible solar panel so the whole thing would be more portable. The seller went out of his way to buy the flexible solar panel that I specified and convert it over to work this unit. As I’ve said, I’ve been using it for 2 month and IT WORKS GREAT! I love it and I love the larger unit I bought from him too (I recommend checking out his other products). I agree with the last reviewer — THE FUTURE IS GREEN. And now, for me at least, it is powered by the sun :-)”



solar generator

 Offgridsolargenerators Portable Solar Generator Plug N Play 100 watt solar panel


Price: $1099.00

This product is a simple plug n play solar power kit. It comes with everything you need for portable power and all you have to do is plug the panel into the battery box via 2 mc4 connectors that are male and female making it simple and quick. The package comes with a brand new 100 watt solar panel, brand new 30 ft of wire, and a xantrex xpower 1500. The xantrex xpower is brand new but, I have added a 10amp charge controller and mc4 connectors on the battery box and I test it before repackaging to make sure everything is working. The 30 ft of wire makes it easy to put the panel in the sun and the battery where you need it. Works great for remote areas without grid power, emergencies, camping, or whatever you need power for. The charge controller has a built in diode so when the sun goes down, it goes down with it and does not drain your battery at night. May qualify for federal 30% tax credit if put on your residency, check your state taxes for additional tax credits. The battery and the panel will ship separately and may not arrive on the same day. When you get the battery box out of the box, simply locate the 2 mc4 connectors in the back and plug your 30 ft of wire into the connectors, then connect the other end of the wire into the mc4 connectors on your panel and you are charging. Sorry no orders to Hawaii or Alaska. The reason this is the best solar generator in this price range is that you can attach additional battery power to the +- bolts on the back of the unit. Just check the xantrex manual for instructions.

Customer Review

“Outstanding product…outstanding seller.”

“I bought this portable Solar Generator several month ago and have been using it every day since my purchase. After 2 months of use I can attest that this is a wonderful, reliable way to start using solar energy to begin powering portions of your home. It was easy to set-up — absolutely plug-and-play and simple to use. It is expandable so you can increase the amount of sun energy it stores by just buying another sealed 12 volt deep cycle battery and attach to the unit per the instructions provide by the manufacture. The seller was also wonderful to work with. He was honest and willing to work with me to give me what I wanted. I asked for a special smaller unit that would work with a flexible solar panel and he went out of his way to build me exactly what I asked for. That unit is also working wonderfully. I really love these two solar generator and am very happy I decided to buy from this seller.”



solar generator kit

 Go Power! Solar Elite Complete Solar and Inverter System with 310 Watts of Solar


Price: $2703.99

The Solar Elite kit is a large solar and inverter system. It is designed for anyone that would like the benefit of solar power to charge their batteries and the ability to use AC appliances when there is no utility power available. For example you can run a microwave, TV, blender, audio sound equipment, computers and more. This kit contains a 250 Watt solar charging kit and a 2000 Watt pure sine wave inverter system. The Solar Elite includes everything you need to hook the solar and inverter system up to your batteries and install the solar panels on a flat surface. The Solar Elite is great for charging your RV, boat, cottage and cabin batteries, while providing you with AC power without the noise of a generator or the fuel and maintenance cost that goes with it. The Solar Elite is excellent for long weekend and extended trips, and is expandable by adding a GP-RV-125E expansion kit (sold separately) for 375 watts of power. This allows you to take full advantage of available sunlight for faster charging and added capacity. Go Power! recommends at least a 400 ampere hour battery bank for the Solar Elite kit.

Customer Review

“This is a well designed well built system. The only thing you need are your batteries and the cables to join them together. (The other cables are included to connect them to the inverter) I have not completed the installation as of yet, the wife has me doing other projects. But I am confident the system will preform as described.
My plan is power part of my house to cut power demand and to provide stable power to some electronic equipment with the pure sign wave inverter.
I had a few questions which I emailed the manufacture about Battery type and requirements. They were quick to respond and very helpful. My package was also missing a component which I again contacted the manufacture and the part was received in 2 days.
I would recommend this system for your solar needs as my experience was great. The customer service was fantastic.”



portable solar kit

 Solar 2 Go ISB-RL01 10 Watt Portable Solar Power Kit


Price: $299.99

Power when you need it, where you need it. Whether you’re drawn to Solar Power for the cost saving benefits or you’re trying to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, solar systems are more affordable then before. Power when you need it, where you need it. Whether you’re drawn to Solar Power for the cost saving benefits or you’re trying to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, solar systems are more affordable then before. Solar-2-Go gives you a complete portable power station at your finger tips. Great for: Camping, Fishing, Hunting, or Boating; Beach or lake; Shed or Outdoor Lighting; Situations (Black Out or Medical equipment). Solar-2-Go Portable Power Station Includes: Solar Panel (High Quality, High Efficiency); Panel Stand; 300 watt Inverter; Charge Controller (micro processor controlled); 12V 8Ah Deep Cyclic Sealed Lead Acid Battery; 12V LED Light Strip; Storage Bag. Quick and easy installation with no maintenance. Applications: Laptop; Cell Phone; Radio; Digital Camera; Fan; iPod; Lighting; Use as Trickle Charger; And More.

Customer Review

“I purchased this portable power kit recently from another site and happy to now see it here on Amazon! The kit comes with everything you need including a Charge Controller, Inverter and battery! I run my laptop off the 300 watt Inverter and am able to be outdoors and have my portable power kit with me. We can even run our new LED T.V. off of it, This is awesome! A great feature is the LED lighting strip that we use at night on the deck. Everyone that comes over loves it, it’s quite the conversation piece. I will let family and friends know they can purchase them here—-great product!”



solar power kit

 Nature Power 40402 1800-Watt Power Kit


Price: $896.45

  • Complete solar power supply provides up to 1800-watt from four ac outlets
  • Integrated transfer switch and ac charger make the solar home and rv power kit the perfect for emergency and backup power source
  • Plug and play do it yourself set up
  • System is expandable allowing for addition of solar power (sold separately) and/or Auxiliary Batteries (sold separately).
  • Ul and csa approved

Customer Review

“How can I put into words how great this product is. To have his set up to go on when my electricity goes out is wonderful and helps me sleep better.”



solar power generator



Price: $949.00

 No installation needed! Stand-alone, self contained system consists of main generator unit and (2) 40 watt solar panels (80 watts energy). No need to connect to household wiring. Plug the solar panels into solar generator unit and you’re ready to go. Uninterrupted backup power for Home or Business. Power Outage or Natural Disaster? This unit provides up to 395 amp hours of household electricity. Enough to run almost any electronic product or appliance you might connect to your home wall outlet. Generator has a rugged housing mounted on a floor dolly. Easy to move around as needed. System runs silently! Emits no fumes! No gas needed! Virtually maintenance free. On your patio with (1) solar panel exposed – it will keep itself ready to operate for years. Solar panels guaranteed next 20 yrs. Internal electronics and battery for a full 5 years !!! The battery assembly, protective circuitry, solar charge controller, power inverter, wiring, AC-powered battery charger, extension cable, accessories are housed inside a waterproof, dust-proof, crush- proof hard case. The solar panels are carried separately. 12-volt DC power is accessible via 2 female cigarette lighter sockets implanted into sidewalls of the hard case which is protected against over-current by the internal circuitry of the solar charge controller. 120-volt AC power is provided by a power inverter and that is protected against over-current internally. The solar power input connector is implanted into a sidewall of the hard case. ******OG SOLAR GUARANTEES that our new Solar Power Generators are the most powerful in terms of WATTS of power generated from the Sun and Battery Amps in their class or we will pay you the difference in CASH. The units have to be new from the manufacturer and they must be the same type solar power generators in terms of Solar Watts and Battery Amps. Units must be a standard manufacture unit. You must buy the OG Solar unit and any award will be sent to you upon delivery of the unit.

Customer Review

“I have the OG 35. Will most likely purchase this or one of the other larger units before next Hurricane Season. Researched and compared prices and what was offered. This really is the Best Buy!! This Hurricane season we only lost power twice, but I never lost ANY power with my solar power generator.”



solar portable kit

 201 Expeditionary Solar Field Kit (10W a-Si panel)


Price: $545.99

Our field ready Expeditionary kit solar generator provides 12VDC & 110VAC power (US 60Hz) & includes ONE high efficiency UV-weather resistant 10W foldable solar panel designed for durability, fast recharge rate, & multi-environment operation. The 12VDC allows you to plug in most any device that runs with a cigarette lighter type of plug including USB devices. A pure sine wave 180W360W inverter provides AC power for small to medium draw devices such as laptops, lamps, fans, battery chargers, transistor radio, flashlight, and many other devices. The 14Ah battery can support a 3hr average duration when not simultaneously charging (draw dependent) & potentially indefinitely when collecting power from an external source. Contact us to calculate kit duration for any device. All Perigee products are scalable & support additional battery packs to augment overnight use as well as hybrid power input (for using a compatible mini wind turbine with solar simultaneously). We also support charging the case via AC adapter making it easy to do routine battery maintenance from the grid. The Pelican 1400 case is unbreakable, NATO codified & tested to MILSPEC C-4150J, this is the truest field ready kit on the market. Designed for use in the home, road, field & ships with everything needed to run out of the box. Perigee Power kits are also easily upgraded with additional panels linked via daisy chain cable, up to 50 watts. Extremely portable and relatively lightweight (15lbs). All Perigee Power Solutions portable power kits include a 14 day purchase refund and a 90 day limited warranty.

Customer Review

“This product is awesome! We can power a laptop with aircard all day long by solar power and long into the night on the battery that can charge while you use your device. Go green in a big way for all outdoor activities. We use this at wpaz 1370 am radio for our remote broadcasts. It is awesome. Perigee has great customer support. I highly reccomend this product for anyone looking for more then just a battery. Two thumbs up to this product and if I had a third thumb they would get that to.”



go power solar system

 Go Power! GP-RV-80 80-Watt Solar Kit with 25 Amp Digital Regulator


Price: $385.86

Go Power! 80-Watt Solar Charger is a high efficiency polycrystalline panel takes the suns rays and creates DC power to charge the batteries. This panel can even produce some charging power in overcast weather and will provide up to 4.6 Amps of charge per hour of good sunlight as well as averages up to 196 Amp hours per week. It includes a 25 Amps digital regulator capable of handling up to 395-Watt of solar, all mounting hardware to mount the panel flat on the roof and 25 feet of UV resistant cable for wiring up the solar system as well as contains all instructions.

Customer Review

“Since we dry camp a lot, I wanted to save on power usage by replacing all regular lights with LEDs. Much to my surprise the cost was higher than buying panel and a controller kit from Go Power. The kit cam complete with all the wiring, mounting brackets and connectors to make the installation a breeze. The biggest decision was where to place the panels and here again, using the box as a placement jig helped the laying of the panels on the roof. It took a better part of and afternoon to complete the install.
Having used the solar system for one camping season, I found few more pleasant surprises. One now we can run the fridge on batteries (through an inverter) while travelling on those hot summer days. At the end of days travel, my 4 x 6 Volt batteries were fully charged. We can run our microwave, LED TV, PS2 and small surround sound system and not have to worry about not having enough power. As a matter of fact, I have not run my Honda 2000 generator to charge my batteries for the whole season (except for generator maintenance).
Go power had everything we needed to take our lifestyle with us when RVing. They are always available when I have a question or need their expertise in solving a problem.
Talk about getting more for less more flexibility than installing LED lights) and it is expandable as our needs grow….”