“The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists”.
~Japanese Proverb

We are in changing times. One can argue we have always been in times of change, and this is true. But the capacity for change at any given moment, whether in the past, now or in the future, is not always the same. Change we know is constant and inevitable, but the human ability to recognize a quantum leap may not always be present. There are many today who feel humanity is at the edge of a cliff presenting a courageous quantum leap. We are nymphs sitting on the stalk at the water’s edge, waiting to take flight. It is time to change, time to be the change.

We all know the state of the world is at a tipping point of potential economic collapse, irreversible environmental damage, escalating conflicts and an overall imbalance from which we might not recover. There are far too many negative stories daily which serve to discourage and challenge our faith. What does one do with stories of young school children being gunned down in their classroom? Though it is easy to believe the world has gone crazy, it is a few going crazy. We have to remember both sides of the coin, the laws of polarity that govern this life, the power each is given and the power to choose the light over dark if we are to move forward. We pray for those swallowed into the shadows of darkness, we pray for those who lost their lives and we hold onto the light with all we’ve got…no matter what. The picture is bigger than all of us, and includes every one of us. It is calling each one of us to leave the world we have known, and believe in a life we can only imagine. Though the moment of our own transformation is personal, it inspires and ignites others towards their own. We are each our own leader, and our faith in ourselves can build the strength of community for real change.

These times of change are unique in that more of us are awake to our compassion and concern for making a difference, and our need for community, the “we” needed for lasting change. I read today an article about hungry people in this country sitting at the edge of local farmers markets holding their “I am hungry” signs as fresh produce flowed before them for blocks. It took a handful of compassionate people witnessing this, instead of looking past them, and together found a solution. They partnered with a local nonprofit service that helps the needy, and solicited farmers at the market to donate produce they did not sell at the end of the day. The produce was then delivered to local services to feed the hungry. It took just a few ordinary people having a heart and making a huge difference.

We will need to learn to welcome change, find the courage and passion to change what we can, accept what we cannot change and find the grace and wisdom to know the difference. It starts in our own lives, our own homes and our own communities. If we believe each of us has been given a coded purpose for our lives, and commit to knowing that purpose, then our lives will take on new meaning. We will find others who share a greater vision. Perhaps like the 100th monkey effect, we will start our own 100th human effect when enough of us choose to follow our heart.

History has shown us some rare individuals, who under severe domination and oppression, chose to follow the passion of their purpose and changed the world: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa. Not all of us can be graced with such magnificence, but we can each do our part to make a difference. And we do not have to do it alone. We in America are free and blessed with opportunities. We have only to take a step beyond the pressure and demands of our daily lives to see how and where we might make a difference. We can create and be the change we want to see in the world. We are all energy, moving with the rhythms of nature and the flow of our sensations and perceptions. If we study and learn from nature, we find a closed ecosystem that is self-sustaining. If mankind is to create positive change, we must create sustainable systems that close the gaps from which our needed energy consistently leaks. Such systems depend upon circles of integrity and wisdom, circles that cannot be broken. They can change, bend, turn, climb, descend, yes…but not break.

All the answers we need are to be found in nature and within ourselves. We need to slow down, contemplate, change our thoughts, believe, trust. We can do anything. It takes each one of us to quietly cultivate our individual passionate purpose for these times, and then take flight. Dragonfly brings us a powerful message for these times: it is time to heal our emotional wounds and embrace higher vision. It is time to change and welcome the gifts it brings.

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