Tropical Delights is one of my larger collections as living in the tropics offers an abundance of inspiration. From jungle flowers to exotic croton and from starfish to coral reef keystone, life by the warm sea is steeped with tropical delights.


yellow bamboo

Yellow Bamboo Throw Pillow

There are endless varieties of bamboo growing in the tropics, and the yellow bamboo is my favorite. Its yellow color is beautifully distinct amidst the landscape while its hollow sound when knocking together in the wind is mysteriously soothing. Bamboo is the toughest tree on the planet, known to withstand even nuclear damage. This exotic, indestructible tree makes for a simple, elegant design.



Frangipani Serving Tray

Flowering vines fill the jungle forests here with shades of pink, violet and blue while the tropical Frangipani tree fills the summertime air with its sweet fragrant blossoms. It is hard to believe that this bare naked tree in winter holds the promise of lush, deep green, broad leaves with lovely perfumed flowers come summer. Just one sniff of their fragrance sweetens the day.


croton plant

Croton Tripod Lamp

No other tropical plant displays such a rich variety of colors like Croton, making it a favorite choice for the landscape. The colors of croton include every shade of yellow, orange, red, green and even purple that weave their intricate designs upon the leaves whose shapes range from oval and broad to slender and long.


keystone coral

Keystone Tote Bag

The ocean has its flowers, too, that grow amidst coral reefs, and often become fossil imprints upon coral stone. The exotic Keystone coral rock here in Florida is such an example. This amazing stone displays its own beautiful, ocean-made design from all the living creatures and plants that make coral reefs their home.

Vintage Starfish Tablecloth

Starfish are a gem of the sea that are becoming increasingly rare to find washed upon the shore. One rarely finds a lonely starfish in the ocean, but rather starfish enjoy dancing together in large numbers. Their lovely colors and shape create pleasing designs.


mermiad scales

Mermaid Scales Shower Curtain

My inspiration for Mermaid Scales came from a lizard tail though I liked the idea of a mermaid tail. It is interesting all the many creatures that have scales, both on land and in water. The close-knit, overlapping characteristics of scales result in strong, appealing designs, courtesy of nature.

Rounding out the Tropical Delights collection are a few paintings that suited some products. Pool Frog graces a serving tray, Pink Blooms adorns a throw pillow and Garden Goddess brings her beauty to the bath on a shower curtain.

The entire Tropical Delights collection can be viewed with a simple click upon the image below. Enjoy!