Life upon planet Earth is like a dream in which so many of her inhabitants struggle to know their true place and purpose here. Our dreaming existence here was not intended to be a hardship, but rather a creative, fluid and graceful walk with the Earth. The divine dream of our creators was hijacked long ago; and the global challenges we face is a testimony for the artificial and delusional substitutions imposed upon us by envious forces. Call them what you will for they hide behind many faces and names, but the truth of their interference cannot be denied once we heed the clues of their deception. Our creative fit is revealed when we realize (real-eyes) and recognize the wise divinity of our planetary Mother’s spirit, and choose to walk with the Earth towards the fulfillment of her dream for us within her divine experiment.

Humanity as a whole seems to share the accepted belief that we each have a life of our own, but this concept is not really valid. Each of us as a soul descends alone into human form wherein we are groomed by the influences of the world around us for our individual paths; and each of us as a soul ascends alone out of human form whereby we leave our personal legend behind for others to remember. We might ask whom/what is it that grants us our breath and life for our earthly existence, and to whom/what do we return when our breath and life cease to exist? For the correct answer to these questions reveals the true source and force of creation that is the vital guide for our early existence, and whereby we know the truth of our creative fit and purpose. We are not placed here to serve and obey a lone, patriarchal, off-planet deity as the source of our moral and spiritual conscience; we are emanated here to creatively cultivate our unique endowment of talents and skills with passion and joy as participants within the Earth’s divine dream for us. We are but actors and actresses within her dreaming, and the alignment of our dreams with hers is our walk with the Earth as the only moral, guiding source and force we need. We were not designed to live our own lives and inasmuch, we are vulnerable to the deceptive influences that promote individual and group distractions. We were designed with unique gifts with which to collaborate within our creator’s dream, and our lives belong to the dreaming power of the Earth.

To the degree that we recognize the Earth as a living, sentient, divine and wise spirit, our walk with the Earth will rain down blessings upon us. As we willingly steer ourselves away from the onslaught of AI technological distractions, we can find welcome solace in the wonder, beauty and even magic imbued within our planet’s wisdom. Her every move sends us signals as to how she is changing and evolving in order to restore healing balance within her diverse ecosystems. For mankind is accountable for his mistaken relationships with the land and waterways, the plants and forests and especially with the animals. Every living thing abiding within our earthly and cosmic ecology has a voice if we can listen to what it is saying. The songbirds sing to the plants as to when it is safe to grow and bloom; the whales sing messages of coming change to their fellow sea creatures; the seasons signal the animals as to when it is time to migrate; and the great leopards of the wild demonstrate to us the beauty that kills. We can only become the receivers of ecological songs and signals by spending time in nature and the garden. The wise Earth is sending the signal now of the coming cold climate; are we listening? We must heed the obvious clues in order to prepare rather than be swayed by spurious narratives with hidden agendas. While some may fear the power of the Earth, it is our love for her that will ground our listening capacity, and allow her to become our guide to safety and prosperity.

We must walk with the Earth for she is our true, creative source and life force with whom we have failed to align. Consequently, we suffer from our misplaced trust in beliefs and ideologies that carry us away from we innately know as true. The human animal species is endowed with unsurpassed faculties of compassion, imagination and genius that can only serve us, as these gifts were intended to do, if we recognize the spirit beneath our feet as our divine, guiding source and force. Our walk with the Earth is the forgotten path for our truth and knowledge to become the earthly manifestations of all we can dream, both individually and collectively, and by which to ensure our full participation and preservation of a dream worth living.

love the earth