Every year interior designers choose new, trending colors with which to create fresh, unique looks in home decor. As well, the Pantone Color Institute chooses a color of the year. I am always fascinated by the process by which these colors are chosen. It is clear this process involves tuning in to the global vibration, and overall climate to uncover which colors will provide us with the energy we need.

Last year for 2012, Pantone chose Tangerine. This choice was based on our need for a lively, spirited color that would help us recharge and continue a forward momentum with a tangerine energy boost. Pantone’s focus in 2013 is a softer, slower approach towards healing and regeneration as provided by the colors found in nature. Green has been chosen, the color of balance, harmony, prosperity, renewal and growth. Specifically, emerald green is the new color of 2013.

emerald green

Green is the color of the heart chakra whose energy wants to move us to love and states of higher consciousness. It is gentle, forgiving and nurturing.
The color green:

•    Encourages healthy relationships
•    Balances the head and the heart
•    Symbolizes balance and harmony
•    Supports self-respect and well being
•    Sustains growth and transformation
•    Vibrates with nature and prosperity

Nature has chosen to give us an abundance of the color green so it must be important to our well being. Everyone feels a surge of renewal and rebirth when green returns to the land in spring. I think nature must know how much mankind needs this relaxing color to help us combat the stresses of our modern, fast paced lives. The color green invites us in, to let go, slow down, be grateful and connect to love and beauty.

Interior designers choose many more colors to define the upcoming decorating trends. The Color Association of the United States has produced an amazing color forecast for 2013 into 2014. I am posting the link below because if you love color, you will enjoy this forecast. It is very well done.Their forecast considers these uncertain times we are experiencing, and thus the need for us to indulge more in our imagination. The trend for simple, minimal, understated design will continue, blended with unusual color combinations and textures. I very much like their focus on juxtaposing a subtle, neutral color with the more vibrant colors. This is a powerful concept we employ as artists and painters. I especially love their chosen words for each color palette: grounded, cosmic, swept away, entice, embrace, eden and commitment. This is an imaginative forecast that beautifully blends the human experience with the sensations of color.

Color Association Forecast For 2013-2014

Color is healing. It has a direct affect on our emotional body and our feelings. It helps us to feel, and when we feel, we heal. Colors vibrate, and each one has its own unique vibration. The human body is also composed of seven major energy centers called chakras. Each chakra vibrates to a specific color. Energetically, we are color. We are vibrational light beings. We totally respond to color because we are color. Therefore, using color in our lives can have a profound affect on our feelings and well being. You can transform your home into your own healing sanctuary by surrounding yourself with colors that heal. This concept is so powerful that Rudolph Steiner, the creator of the famous Waldorf School, used specific colors on the walls in classrooms to influence the well being, motivation and learning capabilities of the children. Beyond the home, we can choose to wear certain colors which will influence the way others relate to us as well as how specific colors make us feel. If we want to appear friendly and approachable, we can wear clear earth tones and warm colors while wearing green and pastels gives us a calm and reassuring presence.

I am happy to see a beautiful green as the color for 2013. The more we wear green and surround ourselves with green in the home, the more we will benefit from its healing power. We can all use more harmony and prosperity!