Over the years I have had many different types of rugs on my floors. I had a lovely, floral, wool rug in shades of green, yellow and aqua on my living room floor after looking at over sixty rug designs. I finally found this one that complemented my decor perfectly. But after only a few years, the edges were rolling up and despite expensive cleanings, it was riddled with stains. My mother later handed me down a truly beautiful floral rug to replace it. It was a large 7′ x 9′ hand-hooked, wool rug in similar shades of green and pastels. Not long after it graced my living room floor, we got a new puppy. I came home from grocery shopping one day to find the puppy in the middle of the rug covered in paint and feathers. She had chewed about ten of my oil paint tubes, and topped it off with my expensive down sofa pillows. The rug was covered in multi-colored paint globs adorned with white feathers while this naughty pup delightfully grinned at me beneath a hot pink and feather decorated nose. Ironically, my mother rang on the phone as I stood there in shock. When I described the crime scene to her, she gasped saying she hoped I could remove the stains as it was a custom made rug that had cost her $8000. Despite my best efforts at cleaning it myself followed by a costly, professional rug cleaning, several of the stains remained part of the rugs new design. Over time the hooks began to fray, leaving holes and worn sections. Eventually, this lovely rug succumbed to moth infestation. Another rug bites the dust.

My last rug purchase was a colorful, cotton dhurrie with a modern design that resembled purple mountains and golden mesas. It adorned my entry hall painted in golden yellow, and was a perfect match. But it was not long before the edges started rolling and the golden yellows were turning brown.

The moral of these rug stories is that it can be hard to find a good rug that wears well and lasts long. It is disappointing to find the perfect rug, and have to replace it in only a few years. While there are many options available today to purchase custom area rugs, durability remains a significant concern. Most all custom rugs require costly rug cleaning, especially if they are located in high traffic areas.

A durable solution to custom area rugs is a custom made floorcloth.

Floorcloths, which are hand-painted canvas rugs, provide a terrific alternative to custom rugs. They are crafted from renewable, heavy-weight, cotton canvas, sealed on both sides for water and stain resistance and are impervious to insect infestation. They require no cleaning costs, the edges lay flat, the colors do not fade and they wear like iron. A floorcloth will last 10-15 years, or more, and age with a nice patina. Best of all, floorcloths are available in custom designs to suit any decor preference.

Modern Rugs

modern rug

Many people today are updating their decor to a more modern style, and prefer modern rug designs. Modern rugs can almost simulate modern art on the floor defined by swirls, splashes and gradients of color. Modern designs suit a minimal, sleek interior, and make a bold, interesting focal point in any room.

Contemporary Rugs

contemporary rug

Though contemporary rugs can include modern designs, contemporary offers a wider range of design styles such as geometric and Art Deco. Geometric designs have been used for thousands of years as decorative motifs, and have a universal appeal. Art Deco designs have a unique flair of their own, and often incorporate the use of geometrics. The Art Deco color palette is more limited than geometric, and favors the striking appeal of black and white.

Floral Rugs

floral rug

The popular floral motif has a timeless appeal in floral rugs. Floral designs offer an extensive and diverse selection ranging from simple and bold to ornate and subdued. Custom designs for floral rugs can be made to suit a country decor as well as an urban decor. The use of the floral motif is a great way to bring nature indoors.

Southwest Rugs

southwest rug

Though the popular Southwest decor trend of the 1980s has waned, it remains a favorite. The Southwest color palette can blend into diverse decors and styles. One does not have to reside in the Southwest to take advantage of the sage greens, turquoise skies and multiple shades of adobe. Custom designs can also include the bold color combinations of Native American design.

Ethnic Rugs

ethnic rug

One has only to travel about the world to discover the rich diversity available in ethnic designs. Ethnic cultures are steeped in unique colors and motifs which can be used to create one of a kind ethnic rugs. Many cultures have specific sacred symbols that weave throughout all their design work. Custom designs can be made incorporating these sacred symbols which have special meaning and importance.

Transitional Rugs

transitional rug

Transitional design is the new interior design trend. It allows for an unusual decor design with the blending of multiple styles, and is defined by mixing the old with the new. One can mix antique dining chairs with a sleek, modern dining table, and drape soft, fluid curtains behind a bold leather couch. Transitional style opens the door for endless design possibilities. Transitional rug designs lend themselves to basic, simple patterns which can blend effortlessly into a diverse design style. Striped rugs and zigzag patterns are very popular in transitional decorating.

Tropical Rugs

tropical rug

Custom designs can be made to suit those who live in a tropical climate. The topics provide a wealth of design options from the ocean to shells, to fragrant flowers and lush foliage, to bamboo and sea life. Floorcloths are the perfect rug for tropical and island living with their water resistance and easy care. Tropical rugs can express all the diversity in nature as wells colorful design trends in other tropical cultures like Baja, Mexico.

Kids Rugs

kids rug

If you are in need of an indestructible, kid proof rug, look no further than floorcloths. These canvas rugs will withstand all the spills, stains and romps that come with kids. A simple sweep or mop, and you are done. Animal designs are a favorite choice for kids, and even better in the bright colors that kids love.

If one is going to spend the time and money on finding and purchasing a custom area rug, one might as well buy one that will stand the test of time. Floorcloths offer designs to suit every decor. Not only will you have the perfect rug, but an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, easy care rug that will outlast other custom rugs and many, many years of boots and paws.