As humanity enters this New Year of 2014, I propose we focus on the possibilities not the probabilities. The world is in a constant, daily flux and change marked by the tendency to consider all the probable outcomes of our changing and chaotic times. Yet, the truth is no one really knows how the cards of change will play out. The only truth we can embrace with some certainty is the truth of who we are as individuals and our life purpose at this point in history. The discovery of this truth requires a journey inward wherein we detach our focus from the chaotic probabilities of the outer world, and place our focus on the infinite possibilities of who we can become as a joyful, peaceful human being within this gift of life. Most of us have been conditioned by the structure of the outer world which fails to sustain our true joy and purpose. If how we are living life is not bringing us joy, we are not in alignment with our true purpose, our true design. It is time for an inward voyage to unlock the door to your own unique genius, and discover your highest life purpose with the Gene Keys.

If you are not familiar with the Gene Keys, I suggest you read more about them here. In short, the Gene Keys reveal to us four significant keys: two define our personality embedded in our ancestral DNA, and two define our design unique to our life purpose. Each key has three components of frequency: the shadow, the gift and the siddhi. The shadow is our unconscious dark side, a low frequency which activates our ancestral, fear based DNA codes. Within every shadow lies a gift, but the higher frequency of these gifts cannot be found until we confront our shadow patterns with awareness. As we transmute our shadow frequencies by raising our vibration, we unleash a new energy which opens our heart to new possibilities of who we can become. Every aspect of our being will naturally alter to sustain this new higher vibration while revealing our highest life purpose, the siddhi. This is the hallmark of these times: the evolution of humanity through the transmutation of the shadows, with the inevitable discovery of the gifts and the highest life purpose within each one of us…to become our authentic selves.

The challenge to know and overcome our shadows is exacerbated by the fact that the world as we know it continues to operate predominantly at the shadow frequencies. We are daily bombarded by the collective shadows of chaos, conflict, control, oppression, dominance, limitation, stress, corruption, confusion, distraction, fear and greed. The only way out of these diminishing shadow vibrations is in to them: to allow the shadows to reveal their ancient origins rooted in the collective and global human gene pool. In doing so, we come to view the current state of the world, as well as our own lives, as still being heavily influenced by the shadow fear based pattern rooted in individual survival. For positive, sustainable change to occur, we must each become the change we want to see in the world. It begins with us, and our individual journey to dispel the illusory power of our own shadows, and set ourselves free to live our highest life purpose. Imagine, if but for a moment, a world wherein all people shine the best of who they are meant to be.

Perhaps the best way for me to explain the power of unlocking the Gene Keys is to share my own. My personality Gene Keys are 6/36, and my design Gene Keys are 11/12.

The 6th gene key is:

shadow- conflict

gift- diplomacy

siddhi- peace

and the 36th gene key is:

shadow- turbulence

gift- humanity

siddhi- compassion

Remember the personality Gene Keys are embedded in your ancestral DNA codes; thus, I come from a history of ancestors who experienced conflict and turbulence.( My Irish great grandparents endured tremendous hardship and oppression in their native land. ) I have had to take a long look at how conflict and turbulence has played out in my own life. Though I have not lived under the same hardship and oppression as my ancestors, these gene keys were nonetheless coded into my personality. Once I saw how these keys were impacting my life, I placed my focus on the siddhis of peace and compassion. In order for me to achieve peace in my life, I had to open my heart to responding with more diplomacy as opposed to reacting which resulted in conflict. In order for me to become a more compassionate person, I had to embrace the shadow of emotional turbulence, and find compassion for human suffering as I transformed my own suffering. It is remarkable how the shadows of conflict and turbulence affected, unconsciously, my personal life, yet even more remarkable how my transmutation of them is opening my life to more peace and compassion. Peace and compassion are attributes of my highest life purpose as a personality, as a human being. So long as I place my focus for myself as a woman of peace and compassion, I will both avoid conflict and turbulence and live my destiny.

The 11th gene key is:

shadow- obscurity

gift- idealism

siddhi- light

and the 12th gene key is:

shadow- vanity

gift- discrimination

siddhi- purity

Remember the design Gene Keys are free from ancestral roots, and specific to your own unique design. In essence, our personality Gene Keys define the best and worst of who we are while our design Gene Keys define the possibilities and limitations of our highest life purpose. My 11th shadow of obscurity is all the ways I choose to hide from life. I have re-enforced this hiding with careers as an artist and writer which keep me isolated working at home. It is clear my highest life purpose is to take the light of what I do out into the world, to have faith in my ideals. My 12th shadow of vanity is about learning to love myself, to love my own uniqueness. As I immerse myself in this love, I open to the gift of discrimination which helps me know and choose the things and people who are both healthy for me and who make me feel good. I have had some hard, painful lessons in not loving myself, and thus choosing the wrong people and things which have drained me. Ultimately, my highest destiny is the pure love of falling in love with the Beloved, the essence of my true being. It is my capacity to live from my heart, and be true to my heart.

Once we know and embrace the highest frequencies of our personality and design Gene Keys, we are armed with the knowledge of the best we can be and the best we can do in our life. For myself, I can become my best when I choose peace and compassion, and I can do my best when I choose to love myself and have the courage to shine my light in the world. Perhaps I will do this as an artist or writer. Or maybe these higher frequencies will lead me to be of service in ways I have yet to see. It is not so much the specifics of the work we do as much as it is the vibrations we bring to the work we do. The work we are meant to do will naturally and effortlessly unfold as we align ourselves with the highest frequencies that are unique to us. The Gene Keys are a powerful tool to assist us in discovering our highest life purpose. Everything is energy. When we know who we are as unique energy beings, we can take that energy into our lives or into the world to fulfill our destiny. These changing times are asking us to collectively let go of our shadow patterns of dishonor and victimization, and embrace the grace and freedom waiting for us.

We are all nymphs morphing into dragonflies. It is time to leave the dark, muddy waters behind and soar into the light.