Today it is pouring tropical rain with loud cracks of thunder. Emotions are like this, flooding the valleys and overflowing the banks of our being, accompanied by an unexpected cry from the vast mystery of our inner sky. Our emotional rivers flow peacefully and joyfully along, then suddenly swell and rage in a torrent on the brink of disaster. In Mother nature, we witness our own capacity to create or destroy. We can create our thoughts and feelings towards loving kindness, gratitude, peace and joy to create beauty, or allow thoughts and feelings of anger, resentment, fear and hatred to destroy beauty. History reveals this power bestowed upon mankind, yet why does man so often choose the latter? Why, when I am personally given an opportunity to choose love, do I choose fear instead?

Our world is defined by the law of polarity: love versus fear, light versus dark, war versus peace, rich versus poor and on. All the cards are being played. Some would say this is the way it has been, is and always will be. Perhaps. Perhaps our evolution has other plans. Perhaps, like the nymph with no clue it will one day leave the water to a life in the air, mankind has no clue as to what the future holds. It is possible our lives as nymphs in the watery realm of emotions is coming to an end. Some say everything we experience is designed for our growth and evolution. Maybe collectively mankind is at last ready to evolve beyond the need for emotional drama towards a life we cannot yet imagine with wings.

Scientists today are finding much of what we contain in our DNA is “junk”. If our DNA holds the entire collective memory of our past, then our DNA software is overdue for an update.It is likely this junk DNA contains emotional patterns and responses which served to propel our evolution at specific points in the past, but now no longer serves us. Our evolutionary software may well be in the midst of an extraordinary upgrade wherein future human beings will be born without this junk DNA, replaced with the higher awareness needed to sustain a better world. Slowly, over time, our emotional baggage will be bred out of us for good. In the meantime, dragonfly is saying we are born into this murky realm of emotions, and we can use this raw energy to grow and change.

Quantum physics now acknowledges the fundamental principle that all life is energy, all existence is vibration. Each human being carries their own unique vibration, just as each flower, plant and stone have their own special energies. Many alternative healing modalities are based on this principle, such as Reikii, Chakra Healing and working with Flower Essences. Even meditation is designed to quiet the lower frequencies, and lift us up to the higher vibrations. Our lower frequencies upset our inner peace. Disturbing emotions are the culprit, and we are learning that our thoughts give birth to our emotions. Maria Corelli, in her book The Life Everlasting, states, “Every emotion is the result of right or wrong thinking, except love.” The power of thought can be as overwhelming as the emotions they create. Someone asked the Dalai Lama once how he controlled his thoughts. He replied he did not have any control over his thoughts as he witnessed hundreds of thoughts pass through his mind each day. It was a matter of which thoughts he chose to give his attention, for he knew these energized thoughts would then become manifest as a reality.

When we question from where our emotions come, evidence points to the mind, and more so, to our free will to choose which thoughts we energize. Often when we are in the throws of emotional ups and downs, we do not feel we can think at all. Yet, if we could retrace the steps of our thoughts, we might find we are subconsciously energizing the wrong thoughts. Our thoughts are further complicated by the differences in the conscious and unconscious minds. Scientists acknowledge we use far less of the conscious mind compared to the unconscious mind. Our conscious mind serves primarily our immediate desires, habits and patterns. We depend on it for our daily routines: what time we awake and go to sleep, what we choose to wear, to eat and to do with our day. Our unconscious mind serves the thoughts deeply embedded and programmed in the subconscious. These thoughts tend to surface unconsciously, unexpectedly and we often energize them without awareness. Our lives working and our heart happy tells us we are energizing good thoughts: our lives not working and our sad heart says we are energizing the wrong thoughts. Our work then becomes a journey into the emotional waters where our feelings can guide us to the depths of the subconscious realm of beliefs that no longer serve us. It is here we can rewrite our beliefs to support the right thoughts.

Our thoughts and emotions produce words, words result in action. Listening to the words we speak and the deeds we do are clues to what we are really thinking and feeling. There are the expressions, “Know a man not by his words but by his deeds” and “Walk your talk”. We cannot be an authentic being unless our words align with the depth of thoughts so that our deeds are inevitable. Our thoughts and emotions abide in the hidden realms, and become tangible vibrations with our words and actions. Dragonfly says water is home to our emotions, water is the reflection of our soul.

The human body is comprised of more than 70 percent water: in essence, we ARE water. Masaru Emoto, a renowned Japanese scientist and writer, has done some of the most profound studies of water. His discoveries have proven the molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and actions. If one tapes the word “love” onto a glass of water, a photograph of the water crystals will create a  beautiful formation. If one tapes the word “hate” onto the glass of water, the water crystals will be ugly, discolored and unformed. What does this tell us? It reflects the power of words to create positive emotions or negative emotions. It tells us the cells in the waters of our being respond to emotion. Dragonfly tells us we are the vibration of every thought, feeling, word and action. Our transformation into the higher realm with wings depends upon the purification of every thought, word, emotion and deed.

We all have a story defined by emotional baggage. Our story is our shadow, waiting for redemption. The grace we are given is the mind’s ability to transform: transformed by the one principle that is not an emotion, love. We can change our thoughts to love. To choose love is to subject every thought, feeling, word and deed towards freedom and the creation of a beautiful life.