I have always wondered when I have a party, and go to parties, why everyone tends to gather in the kitchen. Maybe it is as simple as our human love for food. Yet, I have been to parties at elegant homes with luscious spreads of food on the dining table with gorgeous living rooms that scream comfort, and everyone wants to hang out in the kitchen. At my own parties, I have had to kick everyone out of the kitchen so I could manage. The aura of kitchens commands gathering, and they are a happening place even without a party.

Women spend many hours in the kitchen. Most of the time I enjoy it because I so love to cook…and eat. I confess I like to be the queen of the kitchen. I tend to be quite territorial about my cooking space. And strangely, for whatever reason, it is where I find myself when I am upset or stressed about something…wiping the counters, sweeping the floor, surveying the cabinets and fridge, browsing cookbooks for new recipes. I like having a cool kitchen since I spend so much time there. I want my kitchen to be special, highly efficient, uncluttered and in every way radiate the love I have for the gifts which come from the earth and soil.

I love to cook, but the aftermath of dishes gets old. I do not believe in doing dishes right after a good meal nor condone others doing them. I prefer an enjoyable after dinner retirement which usually means the dishes will be waiting for me i the morning. It is really a no win situation since I refuse doing them after a meal and dislike waking up to them. Some mornings I growl at the sight of them, but I try to turn the act of doing dishes into a meditation. I think of the movie, Karate Kid, wax on, wax off and drop into wash, rinse, wash, rinse. Suddenly they are done.

What every woman, or good man, needs beneath their feet while doing the dishes is a good rug to cushion one’s feet on the hard floor. The absolute best kitchen rug is a floorcloth. How many kitchen rugs have you bought to go beneath the sink which you have to replace in a matter of months? Most area rugs will fulfill the cushion part of the job nicely, but they cannot withstand the spills, stains and traffic for long while needing continuous cleaning.

Why is a floorcloth the best choice?

  • A floorcloth is sealed with a water and stain resistant varnish.
  • If a floorcloth gets too wet, simply damp mop it or hang it up to dry.
  • A floorcloth lays perfectly flat with a sticky mat to hold it securely in place so there is no tripping over it nor kicking up the edges.
  • The thin, sticky mat can be replaced with a thicker mat if  more cushion is desired.
  • A floorcloth requires no cleaning costs, and only needs a simple sweep or damp mop for easy cleaning.
  • A floorcloth can be custom painted to suit your kitchen decor.
  • A floorcloth will withstand the demands of your cooking activity as well as muddy boots, paws and party traffic.
  • Floorcloths are resistant to insect infestation.
  • A floorcloth is allergy free, non-toxic and provides a hypo-allergenic solution for those with chemical and environmental sensitivities.
  • You can feel good about having an eco-friendly floorcloth on the floor that is made from sustainable cotton canvas, and will not contribute to more toxic waste on the planet.
  • A floorcloth is the perfect mix of art and craft, adding both an artistic flair and practical use for your kitchen.
  • A durable floorcloth will out last any area rug.

A thin coat of paste wax occasionally applied to a floorcloth  will greatly enhance protection for use in heavy traffic, and assist in repelling grease and oil spills. Floorcloths go well beyond the kitchen. Their water resistance makes them suitable for the bath and beach house while their durability is exceptional for entry halls, kids rooms, play rooms, door mats, under dining tables and rolling desk chairs. You can even use them under high chairs and pet bowls.

Start enjoying a sustainable solution with custom designed rugs which provide a unique, artistic craft with easy care maintenance. Order an eco-friendly floorcloth today, and support a green environment.