We have only one home…what is left of it. What kind of species seeks to destroy a unique, beautiful, diverse and abundant paradise that offers them everything they need with which to thrive? A species with no heart. We cannot say we love our planet, and in the same breath, toss our plastic bottles in the ocean, spray our lawns with chemicals and turn the land into a dumping ground with the waste of our material obsessions. While I believe many people are making sustainable efforts, government and big corporations are runaway trains of greed and power that if not stopped, will totally crash our planet. Survivors will be left to tell sorrowful tales of how our planet went from paradise to wasteland on our watch because its inhabitants had no heart.

If we love our planet, then we must allow our passion to drive us towards action and unity with others who also care. It is a known fact that it only takes less than three percent of the population to start a movement and create change. If every person picked the one thing they love most about our planet, and committed to protect and improve it, change will occur. There are many people doing just that both individually and collectively, but it’s not enough yet. Need ideas? You can write a book, make a documentary film, build a website, start a newsletter, join or start a non-profit, start a company, create a community garden or take a course.

If you think things are not really that bad and your efforts are not needed, take a look at the images in the link below, and think again. Ask yourself if our planet has gone from paradise to wasteland. Our planet, and all of its inhabitants, are suffering from over exploitation, air pollution, toxic soils and food, animal poachers, animal species extinction, plastic oceans, radiation, chemtrails, mining resource destruction, rainforest depletion, climate change, overpopulation, deforestation, over production and energy demands, fresh water pollution and material consumption, obsession and waste. The complete insanity of all this destruction is connecting all of us whether we like it or not. If you think all this destruction is not going to burst the bubble of your current comfortable life or the future of your children, you are gravely mistaken. We will all have to pay for the wasteland humanity created.

The time is now to join a new, positive timeline, and begin to reverse centuries of mindless and heartless destruction of the earthly paradise we have been given. It is time for forgiveness, for action, for unity in re-imagining our world and healing this wasteland. It is time for boundless faith in our love for ourselves, for one another and our only home. These images at the below link scream of a much needed sustainable solution. They scream of the lack of love for this earthly garden of paradise we are successfully turning into a wasteland. They scream of our need to awaken and unify to save and restore our paradise before it is too late. For we are all one tribe weaving throughout the heart of every raindrop, every flower, every stone and every living creature. We are all one. It is time to act from this understanding and put an end to the lies and deception of separation.