I introduced Richard Rudd’s book, Gene Keys, in my post the Dragonfly Awakening. Here I would like to tell you more about this amazing book.

I first discovered the Human Design concept in 1997 in Taos, New Mexico. At the time, the reading I had seemed too complex and more than I wanted to study. Now, after all these years, it resonates with more understanding. The concept behind Human Design is that we are each born with a sacred geometry in our design, and it holds the destiny which we came here to fulfill. We have also been reincarnating back onto this planet with the density of out ancestral heritage which we carry in our bloodline. This ancestral personality design with which we are born plays a vital role in our evolution. The challenges we each face in the Shadow parts of our ancestral personalities, challenging as they may be, are also the polarity providing exactly what we need to grow and evolve, both as individuals and as a species. The time has come though for us to transcend our Shadows, and leave them behind. It is the shift from living in the lower vibrations of the Shadow to welcoming a new life of higher vibrations. We are vibrational beings, and our capacity to embrace this transformation is rooted in the knowledge of our vibratory essence.

Each of the 64 gene keys is encoded in each of us differently. These 64 gene codes are based on the ancient 64 hexagrams of the I Ching as well as Astrology. When you get your Human Design chart done, which you can do for FREE HERE, you will see on your chart that you have a list down both sides with numbers between 1 and 64 that represent your gene keys. The top two numbers on both sides, one set being for your personality and one set being for your design, are significant to you, and compose your incarnation cross. Your personality numbers represent your ancestral genetic coding. You may recognize family patterns when you read about the Shadow of your personality, most of which you have inherited. You can forgive yourself for most of these traits, and move on to the significance of your design. Your design, the Self you are destined to become, is hidden in your DNA beneath your Shadows. Our work is to confront our Shadows, our lower frequencies, make peace and allow the light that cast these shadows to come forward. This light represents our Divine Gifts, and ultimately, the Siddhis, which are the highest expressions and frequencies of who we can become. We may never grasp the vital understanding of self-love if we only allow our personalities to run our lives. We can only access our true design when we have healed the Shadows of our inherited personality. And when we do, it is a whole new life, just like the nymph metamorphosis into the dragonfly.

Once you have your gene keys, you want to focus, silently and deeply, on the Siddhis, which are the highest attributes and vibrations of your design. This will help you transcend the lower vibrations of the Shadow aspect that has silently been running your life all along without your permission. Perhaps many people are quietly looking at their lives wondering what is wrong with this picture. What is wrong is that we are simply not living nor vibrating to our full potential, and these keys hold the possibility for change in all of us.

If you are interested in growing beyond your ancestral Shadow personality, to realize the Gift aspect of this Shadow and to bloom into the highest expression of this Gift, then you want to work with the Gene Keys…and read it almost every day. It has to sink in deep to change you at the level of your DNA, your cellular structural level. It will just happen by reading this information. You cannot make it happen. It is grace and the opening of the heart at work, not the mind. You just let go.

The Gene Keys is one of the most extraordinary books I have ever read. It is a new guide for future man, the homeo sanctus. It reflects the understanding for each of us to live our true purpose. It is truly a beautiful vision. And yes, the Shadows can feel intimidating. But once we recognize the shadows cannot even exist without the light, that they are just dark reflections, then we can choose to embrace both as the natural polarities that enable us to grow. Our highest potential in the human design is already within us, waiting. Our friend the dragonfly brings us this message each time it appears to us. It reminds us that we, too, are coded with wings to fly.

I will be posting more on working with the Gene Keys as well as exploring all the Shadows and their Gifts.

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