It seems each new day on our planet reveals both more hidden agendas by the powers that be and more confusion for the people. I find that the Gene keys are becoming an increasingly vital tool with which to navigate these times of uncertainty. For in them we see the clear presence of both individual and collective shadows at work along with the gifts we desperately need to create a better world. Our hope lies in healing the ancestral shadows.

Our human tendency is to either react or respond to the shadows we witness at work in the world. We might react with outrage and anger at the continuous pollution of our oceans, or respond with volunteering our time to help save the oceans. Yet, if we look deeply into both our reactions and responses to the shadow’s presence in the world, we might find that how we react or respond is tainted with the presence of shadows within ourselves. We cannot effectively react nor respond to the collective shadows with our own shadows, but only with our gifts. We cannot bring our true gift to the world until we have taken full responsibility to heal our own ancestral shadows.

There are many who believe humanity is moving from the third dimension to a higher dimension, and it is happening right now. It is difficult to grasp this concept logically with the mind for it is a sensory move of frequency and vibration. Humanity has long been trapped in the lower vibrations produced by ancestral shows, and thus, we keep repeating the same old story. These lower shadow vibrations are passed down through the generations by means of DNA, emotional blueprints, unresolved karma, history and cultural conditioning. The fragile and wounded world we live in today, with a people and a planet in crisis, has been manifested from our lower frequencies. The shift into higher frequencies and dimensions, wherein we will have the opportunity to create a better world, is a movement that must occur within our own vibrations before it manifests externally. I believe this shift is akin to the hundredth monkey syndrome whereby the more individuals that choose to raise their personal vibrations, the more others will do the same. And one day, despite all the manifested chaos and darkness we may endure, we will arrive on a new planet (She is also raising her vibration!) full of grace and freedom.

There are two Gene Keys which Richard Rudd deems to be the most significant regarding the process of our awakening and evolution into these higher vibrations. The first is the 22nd Gene Key whose shadow is Dishonor, and the second is the 55th Gene Key whose shadow is Victimization. I have chosen to touch on these two shadows because their highest vibrational gifts are Grace and Freedom, the two gifts humanity so needs to end suffering. But to get there requires healing these ancestral shadows both individually and inevitably, collectively. While it would be nice to think we might all just wake up instantly together, I am not sure this is possible since we are all at different stages of the journey. It is going to take some brave individual souls akin to that first monkey who ventured off to another island to eat bananas before all the monkeys began to eat them.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges we have as human beings is how to manage our emotions appropriately. There are times in everyone’s life when our existence seems to be nothing less than one big emotional drama. When we are emotionally overwhelmed, we ten to either project our negative emotions at others or suppress them completely. Neither course of action is healthy and results in dishonoring both ourselves and others. Dishonor reflects the lack of trust we have for feeling all our feelings. We are often conditioned by parents, society and religion that certain feelings and emotions are bad and unacceptable, and must be subdued at all cots. Yet, we know those suppressed costs include illness, disease and more suffering. On the other hand, disowning and dishonoring our feelings with endless projections of our emotions onto others creates suffering also for both parties. If our choices result in suffering, then suffering is there to teach us another way. That way is called grace: a soft, feminine, divine energy which showers down upon us to help us navigate human suffering. To honor oneself and others is to allow our emotions to run through us like a river, to honor their presence, to open to grace to soften them and to keep our focus on the truth of our heart’s desires. When we choose to move beyond dishonor, we are choosing to learn through the higher vibrations of joy rather than through the lower vibrations of suffering. The karmic wheel of humanity’s suffering can only end when the call of grace is heard through our willingness to honor ourselves, others and all life. The transcendence of our bittersweet suffering is our awakening to a new way of being and living.

The 55th Gene Key is the Dragonfly’s dream, the ultimate journey of humanity’s transformation and evolution. It has been the inspiration for me to continue this website, created after a visitation by a multitude of dragonflies which I did not understand at the time. In retrospect, it was my call from Victimization, the 55th shadow, towards the 55th Gene Key gift of Freedom. For like the dragonfly, each one of us has a divine switch within our DNA that has been waiting to be turned on. And that time is NOW. Like the nymph who unexpectedly one day climbs out of the murky water to take to the air with wings, we, too, are being called from emotional suffering to a new life of freedom. This ancestral shadow of victimization represents our evolutionary push beyond the material and external realms towards the higher realms of our divine, inner light where freedom abounds. Likewise, the descent of grace into our hearts will allow our inner light to burn bright and shine into the world around us. It is precisely this emergence of our collective bright light that can expose the dark forces at work in the world, and generate the hope we need for positive change.

We must understand that the dark shadows at work in our world not only do not believe humanity at large will discover the power of their inner light, and they are doing all they can to distract and prevent this from happening. Our work is to understand how we allow ourselves to become the victims not only of the dramas we create and participate in, but of our own core beliefs and perceptions. If we project our personal shadow of victimization onto our victimizer, we will remain imprisoned in the victim cycle when ironically, we hold the key for our escape.

While many of us are now pondering the changes at hand, and what they mean for the future of humanity and our planet, I do not believe anyone can predict the details of how this shift will unfold nor the outcome. All we can do is ground ourselves as best we can in the resonance and truth of these higher vibrations. The healing of ancestral shadows requires courage: courage to confront our own shadows, own fully every negative feeling, thought, word and action, take full responsibility for who we are and embrace, without fear, the person we long to become. Only then can we soar with the dragonfly.