Annie Horkan

Healing The Polarized Opposition Within Evolutionary Forces

The natural Law of Polarity confirms the dual nature of our universe wherein everything is paired with an identical opposite, and includes the potential for reconciling polarized opposition. All polarized opposites vary in intensity and range, yet contain an anomalous feature whereby intensely charged opposites display a tendency to converge. In other words, the push and pull tension that defines polarities is not only an evolutionary force at work, but also upholds the natural inclination towards reconciliation through convergence. Whenever or wherever polarized opposites meet, the opportunity arises for a harmonious outcome, or for the continual disharmony whereby polarized opposites become extreme dual forces stuck in a futile and exhausting battle. This latter circumstance reveals itself today as a clear and present danger existing within the political arena of America. The guiding principles of natural law caution us as to this hazard, and present us with the truth and knowledge needed for healing the polarized opposition within evolutionary forces.

The dynamics of polarized opposites that define our universe are intertwined within humanity’s personal and collective life experiences. At the personal level, one of our greatest challenges is how to reconcile our differences in core beliefs with emotional maturity. Every individual’s beliefs are deeply entrenched through cultural conditioning for which compassion and tolerance are necessary to avoid emotional conflict. Yet it is imperative to understand that our cultural conditioning often fails to condition us with correct beliefs, and the result is a core wound that not only leaves us feeling emotionally vulnerable, but whose shadow is easily triggered by opposing beliefs. It is this conflict that most often plays out in one’s most intimate relationships wherein power struggles ensue from the triggering of each others core wounds. Polarized opposition within relationships appears to be based on belief differences when it is really the unhealed core wounds that are failing to meet for healing reconciliation. Divorced couples often use the term “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their parting; yet it is likely that their core wounds, not their core beliefs, are responsible for the failed reconciliation. For it is our core wound that overshadows and influences all of our core beliefs. The healing of our core wound not only requires that we become aware of it, but also that we learn to remain in the dynamic fluidity of polarization in order for our core wound to meet the wound of another and find a peaceful accord. When we choose instead the fixed, rigid state of duality over the flow of polarity, we sacrifice the opportunity for a harmonic and healing convergence. We remain two fish swimming in opposite directions rather than swimming towards the same destination.

Our personal healing of polarized opposition is critical for the same healing to occur at the collective level. Collectively, we sabotage the reconciliation of polarize opposites when we succumb to a mindset fixed in duality. This dual extreme prevents us from remaining polarized, especially when we are taking in new information that contradicts our current beliefs. When we move within the natural and dynamic flow that is inherent to the principle of polarity, our minds are open to new ideas, fresh perspectives and the uncomfortable possibility that some of our core beliefs may be incorrect. Polarization allows for the tension of identical opposites to expand our evolutionary growth and soul development; dualism represses these evolutionary forces at work within opposites wherein our soul growth is stunted.

Humanity’s evolutionary path has been marked by great leaps and great declines. It is within the declines that mankind falls prey to the misalignment with dual extremes while the leaps reveal our harmonious alignment with the vital, energetic flow of polarity. The healing of polarized opposition within evolutionary forces can only occur when the rivers of good and evil meet at the confluence, where humanity stands ready to reconcile their erroneous and dualistic beliefs that feed the evil river; and choose to steer their own destiny down the good river with an evolutionary leap of faith in the dynamic flow of creation.

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