As of this writing, bombings at the Boston Marathon have killed, maimed and injured innocent spectators, including children. My heart and faith in mankind plunges upon such news. I sit quietly this morning in prayer for the injured and their families, and I wonder if humanity will ever evolve past these painful transgressions upon their own kind.

History reveals long evolutionary journeys for both our planet and man’s habitation upon it. Our 4.6 billion year old planet has evolved through long time periods in which it was being formed to sustain life. Over 3 billion years ago, simple cells formed followed by the activation of photosynthesis which gave birth to plant life 475 million years ago, with bird, flower and mammal habitation some 150 million years ago followed by the evolution of man in Genus Homo 2.5 million years ago to Homo Sapiens 12,000 years ago. Though evidence of fossil records, stone tools and cave drawings provide us with clues, human evolution retains its own mystery.

The scientific approach in the West towards human evolution tends to focus mainly on the external and objective world. Yet, other cultures steeped in esoteric and mystical traditions perceive human evolution from an inner and subjective point of view. This perspective is known as “involution“. Where evolution is understood as being the power of ongoing adaption by organisms to their environment, involution suggests a process wherein Divine higher consciousness is simultaneously involuting deeper into our human form and the world of matter. This involution suggests having a marked influence on our evolution. The word involution is defined as: involvement, something complicated, raising of a quality or expression to any given power. Certainly, mankind’s ability to prove the presence of the Divine has been complex. Yet, there is a universal belief, though culturally diverse, in something greater than ourselves which can inspire us to a greater expression of who we are. If we as human beings have the capacity for higher consciousness and spiritual awakening, then inevitably we possess the ability to create heaven on earth.

There appear to be several different theories on involution, but all seem to support the perspective of all life forms being imbued with Divine consciousness. In Richard Rudd’s Gene Key theory of involution, he describes seven Root Races that suggest major stages in both our human and planetary development. Ultimately, Richard explains, “Divine consciousness will enter so deeply into the material realm so as to transform and integrate all dimensions back into itself, resulting in a mythic return to paradise and the completion of an epic evolutionary journey.” I personally welcome a return to the garden of Eden.

According to many sages and mystics, humanity has now entered the prophetic Great Change where we as the Fifth Root Race are preparing for the coming of the Sixth Root Race which will bring about a global transformation.  It is said other Root Races, such as the Third, known as Lemuria, is where the first human beings were born. The Fourth, known as Atlantis, was completely obliterated and as a result, evolution was given a reboot with a new direction. Some stories suggest the Atlanteans self-destructed, thereby giving us a chance to finally get it right. However, it appears we are back on the brink of self-destruction after thousands of years that renders our human evolution questionable. The ultimate Root Race to come, the Seventh, will bring heaven to the Earth as the Divine consciousness permeates all matter, allowing for spirit and matter to become one.

For most of us alive on this planet now, this concept most likely seems impossible. We have, however, in the West been trained and influenced by the scientific approach to view life solely as an outer reality experience. Yet, quantum physics has begun to dive deeper into matter to discover the invisible worlds of energy and vibration. There are many experiences pointing to the existence of inner realities. I believe we will see more and more tangible proof towards the reality of “spirit” in the days to come. More human beings each day are confirming an awakening to Self as a spiritual being having a human experience. We are in the midst of a spiritual evolution as a result of involution.

With this understanding in mind, we can view evolution as having progressed from a beginning state of pure matter, into animated forms of life and humans, then continuing to evolve as spiritual beings. The dragonfly confirms our capacity for such a transformation because like the nymph, we are genetically coded for it. The majority of human evolution has taken place in the dark, murky waters where we have been undergoing consistent mutations in preparation for our inevitable metamorphosis. The essence, the purpose of who we each are is a seed already planted within us, and from which we will each emerge. We can use the power of our beliefs to nurture this seed.

Though we may not yet be able to grasp our true destiny, we can begin to climb out of the dark water onto the stalk, and trust the discovery of our higher nature will reveal the delight of having wings, of knowing our purpose. If we believe the Divine has involved itself in the remarkable creation of both our planet, the moon, the stars and humanity, then we are free to believe the Divine spark lies hidden within us, waiting to be ignited. Our evolution is our journey in rediscovering Spirit, and our connection to nature is key. It’s time we evolve beyond our past patterns of destruction.