America is the home of the brave and the free. Our founding fathers put forth a constitution to ensure the justice, peace, welfare and freedom for all. It is time to ask ourselves where is the justice, peace, welfare and freedom being upheld in a country where the homeless gather at traffic lights in search of donations so they can eat, where the division between the wealthy and the poor has never been greater, where the average person cannot afford proper health care, where we are all prisoners of debt and corporate power is in bed with the government attempting to control our lives from behind the curtain. There is no greater example of this hidden affair between big corporations and the government than Monsanto’s current attempt to not only control our food supply , but has silently turned Americans into a feeding experiment with the consumption of GMOs that pose great risks to human health. Our government is in violation of the constitution, and they will not be called to justice by our silence.

Genetically modified organisms, known as GMOs, are the result of splicing DNA genes between species. This is a technology filled with untested unknowns which could result in unthinkable, irreversible consequences to both humans and the planet. GMOs were proposed by President Bush in 2003 as a solution to end world hunger. Though the idea was humane, it was destined for corruption with the infiltration of corporations to execute this global plan, a plan that quickly revealed huge profits with the control of the world’s food supply. The Monsanto corporation stepped up to the plate with an inhumane vision to dominate the world’s food supply with genetically modified and patented seeds while obliterating all natural seeds. Not only does Monsanto envision natural seed extinction, but laws enforced to prevent any farmer or gardener to grow organic or natural seeds. Where I might ask is the freedom in this?

Most Americans may or may not be aware that the majority of foods in the supermarket are already contaminated with GMOs. Prior to President Bush’s proposal, genetically modified growing was already underway in four nations producing over 145 million acres of GMO crops while milk cows were being injected with genetically modified growth hormones. The goal of Monsanto was to rapidly saturate the food markets before any us could do much about it. While we have been preoccupied with our lives, Monsanto has been on a buying spree of all the world’s major seed companies. Fortunately, many of the natural seed companies have not been willing to sell, and do not support GMO foods as a healthy solution. The battle is on to prove not only that genetically modified foods are not safe, but to prove the deception by which these foods have been allowed on the market.

Foods such as milk, corn, soy, tomatoes and potatoes are all GMO contaminated, and have been for years. Part of the GMO plan is altering such foods, like potatoes, to contain bacterias which enable the plant to generate its own built in pesticide. Research is revealing not only unstable nutritional content in such potatoes, but tests on rats fed these GMO potatoes reveal in only ten days damage to the immune system, enlarged tissues, less developed organs, structural changes and an over production of cells in the intestines and stomach. However, further studies revealed the added bacterias is not the culprit for such health damage, but rather the process of genetic modification itself. Is this the food you want your children eating? I think not.

While Europe has been in the GMO battle longer than America, and now requires GMO labeling, Americans do not know if foods they buy are genetically modified unless the label states it is does not contain GMO. Most of these foods are to be found at Whole Foods market and other markets supporting natural and organic foods. You are putting yourself and your children at risk if you shop at non-organic markets where GMO contaminated foods are not labeled.

There are steps you can take to help win this battle to stop Monsanto and GMO, and prevent the domination of a world food supply:

1.    Buy the book Seeds Of Deception by Jeffrey Smith, or The World According To Monsanto by Marie-Monique Robin, and educate yourself on the truth of GMO. Knowledge is power!
2.    Shop and support organic and natural food markets. Tell other markets you will no longer shop there unless they provide GMO labeling.
3.    Buy up as many natural and organic seeds as possible in the event of the unthinkable.
4.    Grow your own garden of food, and better still, get together with folks in your community and grow a community garden.
5.    Join a volunteer group that helps hungry nations learn how to grow their own food.
6.    Support your local farmers and farmers markets.
7.    Take action, have a voice! Sign and share petitions to stop Monsanto now.

Our world is based on, built on and conditioned by the false illusion that money is power when true power is at the heart of our capacity to become a humanitarian. Monsanto is the epitome of freedom and democracy running far astray from the values this country was founded on. A world built on money and greed will never create a better world. Perhaps when all the corruption and deception is finally exposed, Americans will take their power back: the power of grass roots humanitarianism.



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