A frequency coding sequence unique to every person exists deep within our bodies, hidden within our DNA genetic structure. The truth about each of us as individuals, and the life purpose we came here to fulfill, can be found in the journey to discover our pearl frequency: the gift the universe has given us and the gift we in turn give back to the universe. It is a beautiful trade when we unlock the potential of our vibratory essence, and begin to infuse our life’s work with the highest expression for who we can become. As we align with the higher frequencies that uniquely belong to us, everything in our life will realign to support the subtle glow and radiance of our pearl.

We can thank Richard Rudd for his amazing work that gifted us with the Gene Keys. Richard presents us with our Hologenetic Profile that is akin to the compass we need for our journey. Our pearl is the gem waiting for us to harvest at the end of our odyssey. In nature, the beauty of a pearl is created by the continuous friction of sand washing over it, and polishing it into a state of perfection. Our lives are like the ocean pearl as life’s challenges rub against us, wash over us and polish us with higher understanding and beauty. Each core sphere in our profile contains the rub and friction of a shadow, the cleansing and healing wash of a gift and the inevitable polish of perfection, the siddhi. As we travel the map of our unique profile, we are compelled to contemplate the shadow, gift and siddhi frequencies that define each of our eleven core spheres. It is through our commitment to contemplation that we begin to unlock our vibratory potential, and activate these corresponding genetic codes within our DNA profile. The journey begins with the Activation Sequence of our four main gene keys, followed by our exploration into our emotional terrain known as the Venus Sequence and ending with the Pearl Sequence in which the true purpose and prosperity of our life’s work is revealed.

The Activation Sequence begins our voyage along the Golden Path as the foundation for discovering and stabilizing our life purpose. The sphere of our life’s work defines the frequencies with which we choose to meet the world; a meeting that often presents challenges for how we will evolve. Since we are always evolving, our evolutionary sphere holds the potential for breakthroughs that allow for more of our light to shine through our radiance sphere. As we evolve with more light and spiritual understanding, more core stability is created in our lives by which to uncover and fulfill our life purpose.

The path into the Venus Sequence reveals how we choose to navigate the realm of emotions. For most all of us, the emotional terrain is difficult and full of drama and obstacles for our growth. Our life purpose sets up our attraction field for the people, places and relationships we will attract, either by dharma or drama. Whatever we attract becomes our karma that is played out through our mental, emotional and spiritual frequency spheres; and each of these frequency patterns were developed in the first twenty-one years of our lives. How we use our mind affects how we process our emotions: we will either respond, react or repress emotionally to our life circumstances. Our emotional patterns will dictate the quality of our relationships, and allow for a deeper understanding of our true vocation; or bring us to the realization of our core wound that may be blocking our vocation. Since our core wound is also the sphere of our core vocation, emotional healing is needed to unlock our prosperity.

The path of our prosperity is defined within the Pearl Sequence. Once we heal our emotional patterns that may have kept us from doing what we love and loving what we do, new frequencies can emerge that will attract more opportunities for us. We begin to step out into the world, into our culture, with fresh ideas and clearer visions with which to create our unique brand for our life’s work. Our pearl reveals itself as the ultimate quantum path by which we can effortlessly and joyously be of service to our immediate culture and the world.

The journey along the Golden Path is our evolutionary trek to move through the challenges of our shadow frequencies, to unlock the potential of our gift vibrations and to arrive at the essence of our highest and most creative expression radiating from the heart of our pearl. The journey to discover our pearl is the greatest gift we can give to others and to ourselves.