Ten percent of every painting sale will be donated to the Global Empowerment Mission and their disaster relief fund for the Bahamas.

I bought a small farm last year, obtained my Permaculture Design Certificate and have been happily working my ass off in the garden. I have planted over 60 trees, created 7 garden beds and an orchard, but recently lost 20 Leyland cypress trees and 6 orchard trees to the torrential August rains followed by Dorian. The list of fruiting and flowering plants and trees along with all the veggies and herbs is pretty amazing. I have been eating fresh veggies, herbs and tropical fruit all year. My goal is to plant this 5 acres with edible abundance, grow Native plant seedlings, a greenhouse of microgreens and microveggies and a French, sustainable round house in the main garden where I can offer workshops by myself and others. It is a place where anyone can come visit, stay a while, learn and participate in the permaculture life. And when it is all done, I will enjoy painting it. For now, I need to move my large inventory of paintings to raise money to keep this dream alive, and simultaneously, I want to help fund the Bahamian people in their recovery from disaster.

I have been painting for a long time, over 40 years. My obsession with color drives my love to create, whether it is a painting or the walls in my home or a garden. I want my paintings out there, hanging on your walls, bringing color, beauty and inspiration into your home and soul.

I do not want to sell my artwork in galleries anymore, as I cannot justify their 50% commission for the work I do, and which forces me to increase my prices. My large inventory of paintings allows me to take an unconventional approach to selling them. I am giving you the opportunity to make me a reasonable offer, rather than me determining the price.

So here is the scoop on how it will work:

Every Monday morning, starting September 9, 2019 through December 9, 2019, I will post 2 to 3 paintings on my Facebook Page at Facebook.com/followbliss. Each painting will have a short descriptive blurb with the price from my website. That price is there solely to help you determine a reasonable offer (more on this below). The painting goes to the first person who emails me at anniehorkan@gmail.com with their offer.
Simple enough?

So let’s talk details of shipping, taxes, payment and the dos and don’ts:


Naturally, I have to charge for the shipping expense. Shipping costs are crazy, so I will do my best to estimate this cost to be included in your payment. The exceptions will be for framed paintings and large canvas paintings. The descriptive blurb for each painting will let you know if the painting is framed or not. If it is a framed work on paper, you have the option for me to ship it with or without the frame. If it is a framed canvas painting, it will ship with the frame. If you choose a framed painting or a large canvas painting, I will get a quote for you prior to shipping.


Only Florida residents are required to pay a 7% sales tax.


Payments are to be made via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to send me a payment. Upon receipt of your offer via email, I will email you a PayPal invoice for which you can use a debit or credit card, and I will include my PayPal email. If shipping prices need to be determined, we will work this out prior to an invoice and payment. The ten percent donation going to the Global Empowerment Mission for the Bahamas will be reflected on your invoice.


  • Like my FB Page so that you might receive new post updates with more artwork being listed.
  • Make me a reasonable offer. So what is a reasonable offer? The original price reflects what I feel my time, materials and final outcome are worth. I can only ask that your reasonable offer show some respect for the work I do while simultaneously, it fits into your budget and what you are willing and able to pay. I reserve the right to dismiss an unreasonable offer.
  • Email me right away if you want the painting as I will honor the first person who replies with a reasonable offer.


  • FB message me. I will only reply to my email at anniehorkan@gmail.com.
  • Make me an unreasonable offer. While I do not want to be insulted or disrespected for the work I do, I am willing to work with someone who really wants a painting.
  • Wait too long to make an offer!

Creativity and imagination are humanity’s most precious and powerful gifts. Imagine a world with no art! The Humanities are at risk of being usurped by the entrainment and entertainment of digital Artificial Intelligence. True and pure art, poetry, literature, language, story and music come from the deep well within the human soul’s life experiences, and for which there can never be an AI substitute. To make an offering for one of my paintings is to take a stand for the preservation of the dwindling Humanities, to encourage my promise for more beautiful art to come, to assist the Bahamian people in their recovery from Dorian’s destruction and to help me keep my Sweetgrass Farm going.

I am excited to start a revolutionary way for me to sell my art and for you to buy art. Please help me make this happen! If it is successful, I will adopt “make me a reasonable offer” as my permanent way of selling art on my website starting next year.

I hope this exchange will be a win/win for me as an artist and you as an art lover. Let us also support the beautiful Humanities as a creative way to help all those who are in need.

With gratitude,