Every person living upon planet Earth is born with a unique genetic design that is created at the moment of conception, and activated at the time of birth. This holographic blueprint is stamped within our DNA codes with specific frequencies and patterns that determine every aspect of our personal profiles. Richard Rudd’s incredible work with the Gene Keys reveals the mysteries of these codes wherein a core wound exists that we must heal in order to attain the frequency of our pearl. Our holographic profile operates within a sequential flow whereby we can unlock and activate each of our genetic codes along our evolutionary paths towards true freedom. Our attainment of freedom’s frequency is the main reason why we need to heal our genetic core wound. We are challenged to discover our life’s work and fulfill our life’s purpose unless we are free from the shadows that bind us.

Each of our genetic codes within our profile contain the frequencies of a shadow, a gift and a siddhi along with one line from the six lines of the ancient IChing. At the shadow level, we are operating at the lowest vibration that can be transmuted by contemplative recognition as to how it is playing out in our lives. The siddhi is our highest expressive frequency to which we can aspire through the consistent expression of our gifts. The first three lines of the IChing refer to our personal patterns while the last three lines correlate to the collective patterns. Wherever lines 1 through 3 show up in our profile, they point to our personal focus of self-development in contrast to lines 4 through 6 that involve our developmental role within the collective. All of the frequencies and patterns with which we have been born are designed to encourage our soul growth. Thus, every life experience that we attract is by design, and presents us with the opportunity to unlock and activate the higher purpose hidden within our genetic structure.

There are three sequences within our genetic profile:

1. The Activation Sequence contains the four primary gene keys of our Life’s Work, Evolution, Radiance and Life’s Purpose. These four frequencies work together to create our core stability, and determine the overall nature of our life purpose.

2. The energy of our life purpose flows into the Venus Sequence wherein the genetic codes for our attraction field along with our mental, emotional and spiritual frequency patterns can be found. These are rooted in the first twenty-one years of our soul development, and their culmination reveals our core wound.

3. Our core wound is also our core vocation found within the Pearl Sequence along with our gene keys of culture, our life’s work/brand and our pearl. This sequence is our path to prosperity involving the frequencies of the work we choose, how we step out into the world with our life’s work and the ultimate energy that permeates everything we are and do – our pearl.

Our core wound is significant since we live in an imperfect world wherein most of us had imperfect childhoods. The Earth is a school, a divine experiment, wherein we are all here to learn and grow towards the highest expressions of our gifts and siddhis. Our core wound can be seen as the cumulative shadow born from all the shadow frequencies disrupting our core stability and our emotional patterns.

Since our core wound is the flip side of our core vocation, we may have a tendency to sabotage our prosperous vocation due to a non-reconciled core wound. Further, our core wound can often be the catalyst to drive us either consciously or unconsciously towards our core vocation. An example might be a life long struggle with a core wound of addiction, that once healed, allows us to prosper from a vocation in which we are helping others heal their addictions. The journey to heal our genetic core wound requires the discovery of our life purpose through the Activation Sequence, the opening of our hearts through the Venus Sequence whereby we can heal our core wound, and release our prosperity through the Pearl Sequence. As Rudd explains, the Gene Keys are our map, the Hologenetic Profile is our compass and the Golden Path is our journey to unlock the higher frequencies of light hidden within our genetic design. The healing of our personal core wound is the healing of our collective core wounds rooted in the shadow of victimization, and whereby the dragonfly dream of true freedom awaits us.