Industrialized progress has brought us the ultra-convenience of lightweight, versatile, durable and recyclable plastic everything. Yet mankind’s enthusiasm for innovative and instant gratification too often overlooks the long-term repercussions. Scientific studies now confirm the enormous health hazards associated with plastic products. We can no longer ignore the perilous facts of living in a plastic world.

Plastic Chemicals

The chemicals in plastic contain proven estrogenic compounds that damage the endocrine health of people, especially babies, and animals. The primary plastic chemicals are bisphenol (BPA) and phthalates. Indisputable studies confirm that both of these chemicals are linked to the increase in breast and prostate cancers, the decrease in male sperm and quality, female premature puberty, genital deformities, infertility, miscarriages, hormonal imbalances, allergies, neurological and endocrine disorders. Blood tests reveal that these chemicals are present in at least 90 percent of the human population, including babies. All foods, beverages and other products that are packaged in plastic are susceptible to leeching into our bodies and the environment. Our mindless dumping into now plastic-filled oceans, rivers and lakes consequently poisons all the inhabitants of these waters while becoming polluted and toxic from plastic leeching. New studies reveal that frogs, the creature designated as the vital barometer to measure environmental health, are showing signs of genital deformities, infertility and the loss of the Alpha male frog. Observations of our human society concurrently suggest the disappearance of the Alpha man. Almost all of our modern diseases can now be traced to environmental toxins like plastic chemicals. European countries have banned the use of phthalates in plastic due to increasing immune system disorders, infertility in men and reduced testosterone in boys. The USA, however, continues to poison itself.

Plastic World

Our landfills, oceans, rivers, lakes, stores, hospitals, schools, homes and bodies are steeped in plastic pollution. Stop and think about it.

~ Our oceans have plastic islands.
~ Our hospitals use plastic tubing.
~ Our grocery stores are filled with plastic bottles, containers, packaging and bags.
~ Our schools use plastic pens, notebooks and plastic in computers, tables and chairs.
~ Our homes are filled with plastic trashcans,trash bags, kitchen utensils, bowls, cups, tupperware, outdoor furniture, watering cans, flower pots, mops and brooms, soap dishes, birdhouses, dog bowls, kid’s toys, pool toys, baby bottles, teething rings, pacifiers, shoes, handbags, credit cards, lunch boxes, shower curtains, paints, lampshades, power equipment and even power and gardening tools have plastic handles now.
~ Even our efforts to live healthier with organic foods, natural cleaning products, cosmetics, bath and beauty products and vitamins are sabotaged by plastic packaging.

How can our bodies and our planet not be toxic?

Plastic Solutions

Our daily living in a plastic world will only change when we change, and awaken to the perils of the plastic world we have created. The only way to reduce our exposure to plastic toxins is to STOP buying more plastic products, and demand as consumers a return to natural products. If we do not take action, plastic will haunt us forever.

We can:

~ Choose paper bags or bring our own bags to the grocery store.
~ Carry a cloth bag with us when we go shopping for new products.
~ Minimize the food products we buy that come in plastic containers.
~ Replace plastic food storage containers with glass, ceramic or stainless steel.
~ Replace plastic children’s toys with wood, metal, fabric or natural fibers.
~ Stop buying plastic water bottles and carry your own safe water bottle.
~ Invest in a good water filter.
~ Above all, be an advocate for natural products wherever you go, and voice this as a consumer to your grocery store, your favorite stores and demand manufacturers replace plastic with natural materials.
~ Start a petition against plastic products, and send the signatures to the manufacturers along with a purchasing boycott notice until they replace toxic plastic.
~ Follow nature’s wisdom to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The dream of living in a healthy, natural world will continue to elude us until we face the perils of living in a plastic world, reclaim our power and each of us do our part to change it. I have no doubt that we can create far better and safer products than toxic plastic.