We are living in extraordinary times, full of challenges and possibilities. We face a world in crisis daily with corrupt leaders, global famine and poverty, climate chaos and disasters, unsustainable economies and environments and warring conflicts while threats to our basic human rights and survival seem to have become the new normal. Yet, within this chaos lies a world of opportunity. If we are to be the change we want to see in the world, then we must know the truth of who we are on the inside so this truth can reflect into the outside. We are not our cars, our homes, our jobs nor our bank accounts. We are here to enjoy the material realm, and the fruits of our labors, as spiritual beings having a human experience. This being said, our spiritual understanding and experience is of utmost importance to become who we want to be, to create the life we desire and to help make this world a better place. If we are to be change and create change, then we must embrace both the shadows and the gifts with which we are born. In short, we must know who we are at the core of our wounds and our gifts.

The most common mistakes we make in NOT knowing who we are are:
1)    Identifying with everyone and everything that has nothing to do with who we truly are.
2)    Giving our power away to everyone and everything that leaves us a victim.
3)    Projecting our loss of power onto others and the world.
4)    Becoming prisoners of our own shadows instead of finding freedom in our gifts.

We know we are lacking self-knowledge when the same negative patterns repeat over and over. We are often unaware that the same cycle is repeating until we are knee deep into it, again. So how do we break free from these painful shadow cycles? We embark on a journey to know the truth of who we are as energy beings whereby we can discern and feel the difference between living at the lower shadow frequencies compared to the higher gift frequencies. The wisdom of our vibrations is hidden within our DNA genetic coding, waiting for us to unlock our human potential.

We can thank Richard Rudd, creator of the Gene Keys: an extraordinary and liberating path rooted in the ancient I Ching, Astrology and the Human Design. The journey into the Gene Keys involves:

  1. The Activation Sequence of our 4 main gene keys: 2 of which are inherited through our ancestral lineage and represent our life’s work and evolutionary path, and 2 of which belong to our unique design that represent our life purpose and radiance.
  2. The Venus Sequence that includes 4 gene keys representing our emotional patterns rooted in the purpose of all our relationships. It is through the frequencies within our attraction field that our mental, emotional and spiritual frequency patterns emerge to define the nature and quality of our relationships; and which ultimately reveal our core wound resulting from childhood and cultural conditioning.
  3. The final Pearl Sequence that includes 3 gene keys representing our true vocation, which also happens to be our core wound, and what we choose to bring into our culture/society/world as our life’s work and our path of service: our Pearl.

The Gene Key sequences offer us the Golden Path by which to grow and evolve towards the stability of our life’s purpose and work, and to heal our emotional patterns and core wounds in order to embrace the highest expression of our hologenetic profile through our unique brand and our pearl pathway. This incredible journey will lead you inward to the revelation of your personal genetic coding wherein your golden light is waiting to be activated so it can shine upon the world.


I am offering 3 kinds of readings from which you can choose one, two or all three.

Gene Key Reading

rindrops on dragonfly

This written reading will include a copy of your Hologenetic Profile, brief descriptions of each genetic sphere and a summary. If this info resonates with you, I recommend you order a copy of the book the Gene Keys as well as consider either the Golden Path online course or purchase the three Golden Path books. I will provide links for all of these options.

I will need your birthday, birth place and exact time of birth.

Astrology Reading

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If the moon can affect the ocean tides, then it can surely influence us at the time of our birth. Understanding the significance of the planets, their location and alignments at the exact time of your birth, reveals many of our challenges and gifts.

 This written reading will include a detailed understanding of your birth chart along with a copy of your chart.

I will need your birthday, birth place and exact time of birth.

Chakra Reading


Everything is energy. Eastern cultures have known for centuries that the energy of the body spins from the base of the spine up and out through the crown of the head. These spinning centers of energy are called “chakras.” In order for us to maintain balance energetically, our chakras need to be spinning in balance. Chakra energy work helps you tune into these energies so you can empower balance within yourself.

I am able to see the direction, speed and shape by which your chakras are spinning. I will draw these for you with a written interpretation for each chakra.


About Me


I transplanted to Vero Beach, Florida from Santa Fe, New Mexico where I lived for 16 years. It was in this beautiful high desert where I embarked on my own journey to know myself, and in that process, became both a recipient and a student of chakra energy healing. My knowledge of Astrology, Human Design and the Gene Keys has come from both studying with great teachers and practitioners in these fields as well as my own deep studies. I believe these times we are facing are carrying us all, whether we feel it or not, toward a brighter future that will demand the full participation of our hearts. It is vital we really grasp the true meaning of love, for ourselves, one another and our world. Our work is to remove all the barriers that keep us from experiencing all the higher truths which support and create love as a real principle by which to live. It is time for the true humanitarian in each one of us to show up, and together create a better world. To know yourself is to know the gifts you have to bring to this new world. Knowledge is power!

You can email me at anniehorkan@gmail.com with any questions. Simply use the PayPal buttons below to order. Order options are in the drop down menus. Include your birth info in the box for Instructions to Seller, or email me the info. Please allow 3 days for me to prepare your readings. Include your email address where you would like them sent to you. I will confirm your order upon receipt.

You can choose to do an individual reading, a combo of two readings or all three readings.

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