My Southwest Enchantment Collection was inspired by sixteen years living in the high desert of New Mexico. They call this state the land of enchantment for good reason. It is hard not to be enchanted by magical light, adobe colors, blooming deserts, snow-covered mountains, canyon rivers, deep forests, Anasazi ruins, endless vistas and vibrant sunsets. Many artists are drawn to this region for the inspiration this enchanted land has to offer.

My oldest son, Josh, deserves credit for this Harvest Song design. It is a compilation of various Native American symbols that define the flavor of their art and culture. The Kokopelli figures are playing their flutes in celebration of the corn harvest beneath the great Thunderbirds and the sun. The pueblos in this region remain faithful to their traditional dances that display their deep connection and gratitude to the Mother Earth for providing all their needs.


throw pillow

Harvest Song Throw Pillow


Hiking through the land of enchantment often involves a search for petroglyphs. These ancient drawings and carvings can be found in rock outcroppings, on the rock walls along arroyos and rivers, and tucked away in caves. I was always so excited to find them, and was filled with such comradeship for these unknown artists. Petroglyphs are a true testimony to the human gift of imagination, and our drive to express it through art.


tote bag

Petroglyphs Tote Bag


I once discovered these very worn petroglyphs along an arroyo wall that depicted connected figures in a line. I snapped a photo, and spent much time researching the tribal people who once inhabited this land. At best, I came across a similar motif from a tribe referred to as Hohokum, and settled on the name for this design.


serving tray

Hohokum Serving Tray


There is nothing quite like the beautiful adobe colors contrasted against the crisp blue sky of the high desert. The colors of adobe range from light tan to deep brown, from rich coral to deep earthy red. They call Santa Fe the “city beautiful” because all the adobe homes and buildings blend so harmoniously into the natural environment. When you gaze out upon the city from above, it makes perfect sense that we build our homes from the dirt the Earth gives us.


tripod lamp

Adobe Sky Tripod Lamp


The desert is a beautiful, magical place to live, but the extreme dry climate can be challenging at times. I recall one summer when the monsoon clouds would build every afternoon, but the rain never came. It was so dry and hot. I looked out my studio door upon a dry arroyo bed, and had a vision of it running with water wherein a mermaid was resting. I took it as a sign that it might be time for me to head down to the coast, and live by the sea. The desert mermaid was me.


shower curtain

Desert Mermaid Shower Curtain


You can view the entire Southwest Enchantment Collection by simply clicking on the image below. Enjoy!