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To say I love color is an understatement. I am completely obsessed with color. While my subject matter is very important, as is the the technique I choose to convey the image, it is the colors that excite me and drive me to pick up my brush. I did not display any special artistic talent as a girl, but I was fortunate to have some exceptional art teachers in both grade school and high school. They were both women, both very passionate about their love for art, but the mark they left on me was more about who they were as people. For they both reflected to me more joy, more wisdom, more uniqueness and freedom than most of the people around me. This did not slip by me unnoticed. I often wonder now if I became like them because I chose to become an artist, or whether I was already like them, without realizing it, and thus, my life as an artist was inevitable.

I created Studio Bliss back in 1992 when I was still living in Virginia. I discovered that the farm my boyfriend and I had bought was at one time an area called Bliss, and was part of the Free State that offered refuge for escaping slaves. I was so touched that our farm had been a sanctuary for justice and freedom for those in need. I named my studio in honor of those brave souls devoted to freedom for ALL people regardless of color. Incredibly, I had followed my bliss to Bliss.

It has been said that cultures who support, promote and create art are happier and healthier than cultures who do not. Art not only gives our left brain some time off, but allows our right brain to voyage into the depths of our creativity and discover what is there. As most artists will confirm, there is a whole new world there with much to explore. And we need this world to keep us in balance.

Art is not just about painting, sculpting or taking photographs. There is an art to everything, and everyone possesses an art spirit. There is the art of cooking, the art of gardening, the art of loving, the art of being, the art of teaching, the art of healing and this list could go on forever. Everything we do involves the art of what we do, how we do it, why we do it, who we do it with, where we do it and when we do it. In essence, we just have to show up and allow the artist in us to emerge and trust the art to evolve. For art, like life, is a journey…a journey about growth. A work of art is never the end, neither is the death of a life well lived. The creative spirit always holds promises of more to come. Life is art and art is life.

When we approach life with the art spirit, we are living in tune with the natural flow and laws of the universe. We cannot rush the outcome nor rely on what has worked in the past. The art spirit demands of us to stay present in this moment, and allow this very moment to grant us the deliberate intent for creation. It is akin to planting seeds in the garden knowing the fruit is inevitable. I am not so sure I believe in the special talent of artists as much as I believe in their choice to honor the art spirit within them. We can individually and collectively create whatever life and world we want. For the art spirit is born from the creative source that gives birth to all life. In essence, we are all naturally within the creative flow whether we realize it or not. The inspiration to create is just a matter of tapping into this flow.

I chose art as my major in college because I could not pass calculus for my major in Environmental Science. But then, perhaps art chose me. After flunking calculus for the third time, I wandered over to the Art department, sat in on a watercolor class when the teacher picked up the painting I was doing to show the class what he wanted to see. Maybe it was in the stars, my destiny, to be an artist. Art has kept me in a softer touch with the necessity for beauty, the wonder of color and the balance of being in a world that too often threatens beauty, wonder and balance. We need art to remind us not only of our creative potential in all that we do, but of our creative origins from creation itself. Our creative spirit keeps us playful, joyful and open to infinite possibilities. A culture which seeks to suppress the freedom of the creative spirit is a culture headed for disaster and extinction. We must keep the spirit of art and creativity alive and well if we are to evolve into higher, sovereign and free beings capable of creating a more beautiful world.

As Above So Below

Appalachian LandscapesAs Above So Below

The Chimneys

Southwestern LandscapesThe Chimneys

The Fig Tree

Baja PaintingsThe Fig Tree

Pool Frog

Tropical PaintingsPool Frog

Pink Blooms

Floral PaintingsPink Blooms


Moon RosesSahasrara

Souls Journey

Tribute To VenusSouls Journey

Blue Lotus

Blue VisionsBlue Lotus

The Fern And The Fig

Interiors The Fern And The Fig



Sunset Run

Wild HorsesSunset Run

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