I suppose having been a sixties girl that my return back to the garden was inevitable. After almost four years living in a lush, tropical setting near the sea, where I spent most of my time in my jungle yard rather than on the beach, I am moving 13 miles inland at the end of August 2018 to my new 5 acre home. The property has a partial solar house in need of some improvements, and comes with a pond, chickens and all the open space I need to create Sweetgrass Farm and Garden. My vision involves the conversion of a large field to the south of the house into an expansive garden with raised beds, orchards, food forests, edible gardens with the addition of a French round dome space for workshops, lectures and events, along with a big greenhouse wherein I hope to test out aquaponic growing towers. My intention is a market garden with adequate food production for local food subscriptions and farmer’s markets. Upon the completion of attaining my Permaculture and Design Certificates in April 2019, I will begin teaching hands-on in my garden, offering garden design services as well as workshops, lectures and events in the French dome.

My Sweetgrass Farm dream is big and long-term. Regardless of your personal beliefs regarding our changing climate, the real facts point to our imminent descent into a cycle of global cooling, wherein crop losses and food shortages are already becoming a reality. Now is the time to prepare by learning to grow your own food, support farmer’s markets and create community gardens.

The Sweetgrass Farm section of my site is now under reconstruction, and over time will morph and flow into what it is meant to be: a place to visit, whether in tangible or virtual reality, for the sweet inspiration and sustainable empowerment for living in harmony with the beauty and bounty of nature.

You can watch as Sweetgrass Farm and Garden grow under those tabs where I will post before, during and after photos and videos. There are currently some leftover posts from Green Nooz while many more informative posts are yet to come. I suspect the Shop Green section will eventually shift into more products born from the garden, such as flower essences and healing tinctures, but for now there are some good sustainable products from Amazon whereby your purchases help support the new garden and myriad of farm projects.

Lastly, I am immensely excited to not only bring in speakers from all over the world, and offer unique, small workshops, but also to start teaching. There will be many wonderful events in the garden wherein your participation will help raise funds to keep the food flowing and growing in Sweetgrass Garden, and also contribute to a particular charitable cause.

So please stay tuned, subscribe and I look forward to sharing the wonder of the Sweetgrass Farm with you as it begins to grow.

We have a long road ahead of us for the fulfillment of living green on this blue planet. If we can put our faith in the wisdom of nature and in the passion of our innate creativity, our capacity to live peacefully, abundantly and harmoniously with nature can become our reality.

Quote Of The Month

The battle we have fought, and are still fighting, for the forests is a part of the eternal conflict between right and wrong.   John Muir

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