The winter of 2017-2018 is already packing a global punch with two more months of the cold season to endure. The coming cold climate may well be an endurance test for the Earth’s inhabitants as we move deeper into the reality of a solar minimum. Global warming advocates, however, remain determined to hold their ground while propagating nonsensical and unsound jargon regarding the extreme cold as being the consequence of global warming. I suppose it is puzzling to justify the new cold trend now that the global warming crusade spans a trillion dollar business world wide. The coming cold climate may prove to be a serious wake up call for us all.

The truth about anything that we adopt as part of our belief system has to be personally confirmed by facts and evidence. It is too easy to allow the experts the provisionary role of vital information while we conveniently overlook the age of deception in which we live. Each of us must heed the clues of our own masterful investigation into what is true. The truth about climate can be found in the rhythms and patterns of our planet, and her relationship to the gigantic ball of heat and light that rises and sets in our sky every day. While certain powers that be specialize in the imposition that we humans are not only more powerful than our sun, but are also required to bear the responsibility of that power, the Earth and the sun would beg to differ; for they have been dancing around one another long before we humans showed up to tango. It is arrogant at best that mankind believe his CO2 contributions override the wise Earth and the life-giving sun; and detrimental to our spirits to carry such a burden.

While mankind is accountable for exploiting and polluting our once pristine planet, our destiny is intricately and intimately woven into the fabric of the Earth’s dream for us. Our struggle to find our right fit and place within the domain of the natural world is not one of separation and dominion, but rather an innate, intentional match to our planet’s creative source and life force. For thousands of years she has undergone cyclical patterns of global warming and cooling in tandem with our sun’s cycles of waking and sleeping. When the sun is awake and energized, our planet warms; when the sun retreats into slumber, our planet cools. The lack of sunspots that produce solar flares are the clues for our sun going to sleep; and the increase in the sun’s coronal holes is the evidence for our snoozing sun. The Earth’s response to a quiet sun is her magnetic field reduction that creates our vulnerability to incoming electromagnetic frequencies; and her response to an active sun is an increased magnetic field to protect us from damaging solar flares. The scientific evidence abounds with graphs correlating the sun’s waking and sleeping patterns with the Earth’s warming and cooling trends.

solar minimum

The recent solar maximum we are now leaving was exceeded by greater warming during the Roman era, without the help of man made CO2; and the solar minimum we are now descending into may well exceed the previous Dalton and Maunder minimums. We are along for the ride with no control over these cyclical patterns belonging to the Earth and the sun. Our job is to prepare for the coming cold climate.

Our first preparation is mental: to delete our corrupt and erroneous files wherein we have been mind-controlled by a false narrative. This deception may prove fatal for many who refuse to budge and fail to prepare. Consider this: the previous solar minimum was witnessed by about one billion people while this next cold climate will be experienced by almost 8 billion inhabitants. It should not take much to realize the implications for food loss, higher food and energy prices, travel and consumer disruptions, large migrations of people and animals, degrees of social unrest and economic hardship along with a rise in volcanic eruptions and earthquakes – all of which can be mitigated by proper preparation. Therefore, physical preparation is now: storing extra food, water and medicines, gardening and greenhouse growing, alternative and back up energy sources, warm clothes, animal protection and possible relocation. Emotional preparation is not about fear, but about one’s re-connection to the ground beneath our feet as our guiding source and life force. She reigns, period. Thus, our spiritual preparation is the recognition of ourselves as actors/actresses within her dreaming, divine experiment, and wherein she will bless this recognition by guiding us to properly prepare.

It may well be that our Mother Earth is going to use this coming cold climate to forcefully encourage our connection to her if we are going to thrive and survive; and this is a good thing. I might suggest you head over to YouTube and subscribe to some excellent solar minimum channels: Adapt 2030, The Oppenheimer Ranch Project, The Radical Gardner and The Grand Solar Minimum. As Diamond from Oppenheimer Ranch states in army style, “Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.”
It is time to creatively prepare for the coming cold climate.