Water is the foundation of all life on our planet. Our bodies are composed of more than 70% water, and without replenishing this miracle fluid, we would cease to exist in a very short time. While most of us know the essential benefits of drinking good water, the dark side of drinking water is less obvious and in fact, hidden. Much like the hidden components of radiation particles in the air, we cannot visibly see components of matter in the clear water we drink. Thus, it becomes a vital necessity to know what is lurking in the water we drink.

Since the human body is primarily water, it goes without saying that the quality of our drinking water is paramount to our health. If the water we drink is full of hidden contaminants, then our health and well being will reflect the presence of such toxins in our bodies. Perhaps the very first thing we should consider when health issues arise is the quality of the water we are drinking.

I have done extensive research over the years on clean drinking water along with endless and ongoing exploration into the myriad of drinking water systems: alkaline water filters, reverse osmosis, distilled water, pitcher filters, various water drops and well water treatments. I was compelled to understand what lay hidden in water after growing up in an old farm house with copper pipes through which the drinking water ran. By the time I was in my late twenties, I had off the chart copper levels. Some of the symptoms of excess copper are aggression, nervousness, anxiety, hormonal disturbances, PMS and headaches. I suffered from extreme PMS, and while I believe some other factors may have been at work, the high copper levels significantly aggravated my condition. It took years to bring my copper levels down to normal.

I moved to New Mexico in 1996, and took my Aquasana water filter with me. I always tried to have my water quality checked, and found that New Mexico water was chock full of many more minerals at very high levels compared to Virginia well water. I switched to reverse osmosis. In 2011, I was introduced to alkaline water filter systems, specifically Kangen water, and my health improved significantly from drinking alkaline water. A year later I moved to Florida, which required me to eventually do new water research. Florida is unlike Virginia where the water table is deep, and one must go down hundreds of feet to hit water for a well, and more akin to New Mexico with shallow aquifers and wells are usually below one hundred feet. The problem with shallow aquifers is that everything which is dumped into the environment can more readily access, seep into and contaminate these shallow water tables. While I am an advocate for alkaline water, most alkaline water filters are not designed to filter serious contaminants like bacteria, fungus, viruses along with the man made toxic additions of pesticides, industrial chemicals, metals, radiation particles, fluoride, chlorine and even sewage. While wells in rural areas with deep water tables can offer good drinking water, most Americans reside in populated towns and cities where the drinking water is loaded with hidden toxins, chlorine and fluoride. If you live in any town or city, a drinking water filtration system is critical.

The dark side of drinking water is our government’s addition of fluoride and chlorine to our drinking water without our knowledge and consent. It also includes the billion dollar industry of bottled water, of which many are full of toxins including the leeching of plastic chemicals from the bottles, and which leave our environment strewn with plastic trash. Increasing populations result in increasing amounts of chlorine being added to drinking water while fluoride, a toxic waste product, is added in excess amounts. Do your research on fluoride. It has no place in the water we drink. It’s sole purpose is to calcify the pineal gland in the brain so as to dumb the people down and make us into sheeple as part of a hidden agenda. We can also add to this dark side the continued bombardment of pesticides and insecticides to our soils which seep into the water tables, industrial toxic chemical waste being dumped into our rivers, lakes, streams and oceans and the ever increasing threat and presence of nuclear waste into our water supply. In short, pure drinking water today is becoming extinct.

I began my water research again last fall after buying a beach house. While I live in an industry-free, small community in a relatively pristine environment, my drinking water is provided by the city. I clocked a full week online of research looking for the best water filter which would filter everything. I steered clear of alkaline water filters since their job is to make alkaline water over filtering contaminants; I ignored reverse osmosis since it produces round clustered molecules over the desired star-shaped molecules which penetrate the cells and reduce acidity and ruled out distilled water systems due to complexity. I settled on a Pure Effects under the sink filter, content I had done my due diligence.

A few months later, I was presented with an opportunity to have a water analysis for free, and I jumped on it. It proved to be a positively shocking education. A delightful, passionate man proceeded to fill glasses with the water from my tap, my filtered water, a brand of bottled water and the reverse osmosis he was drinking. He then inserted, one by one into each glass, an electric gizmo called a TDS to determine the total dissolved solids present in the water. I was certain my Pure Effects filtered water would remain clear, but this was not the case. The results and proof are in the photo below.

toxic water

The glass at the front left is my unfiltered tap water, the front right glass is his reverse osmosis water, the back left glass is my Pure Effects filtered water and the back right glass is bottled water, specifically Zephyr Hills. What more can I say. This picture speaks a thousand words. Not only did I get a new RO water filter, but I added an alkaline filter to combat the acidity of reverse osmosis water. I have the best of both worlds now: clean, pure, alkaline RO drinking water.

Our water is our life. Drinking water contamination is criminal. It is imperative we know what is in the water we drink. We cannot take it for granted that because our water looks clean that it is clean. The toxic assault upon our water resources must stop, and the dark side of drinking water must be exposed. Our health and well being is intimately connected to both the health of our water, and to the continued evolution of humanity as the caring stewards of this beautiful planet upon which we are meant to thrive.