The Earth’s Healing Narrative To Free Humanity
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All life has a story. Great myths and narratives abound upon our planet providing humanity with clues to the past, and our spiritual potential for human life. It can be hard to know what is really true since stories often get bent when told over and over, due to both our love for the imagination and also by those who intentionally alter the story. We can only have a true narrative if every aspect of the story can be proven to be true, on all levels. Those levels are the wholeness of our being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – with which to discern truth. Truth does not reign today, and our planet and all life upon it are in danger. It comes down to the narrative we either choose or are forced to believe. It is my belief that the Earth’s healing narrative is a good one to free humanity. Let us look at some of the past and current narratives compared to the healing narrative that the Earth provides for us.

Past and Current Narratives


Trust the science

We all got a good dose of trust the science during the pandemic, wherein masks, social distancing, lockdowns and experimental vaccines became a mandatory narrative. This exclusive trust the science mandate did not allow for anyone to question this narrative, thereby excluding and suppressing the knowledge of all allopathic and alternative doctors. We now know that trusting the science has resulted in untold harm, damage and death to the global human race. Sadly and alarmingly, our trust in the science narrative is revealing the hidden agendas of power, greed and destruction.


The Biblical myth and the institution of religion has been with us for over 2000 years. While one’s chosen spiritual faith is a personal, free choice, historical attempts to mandate the Biblical myth or any religious narrative have caused devastating wars, division and suffering. Once again, power and greed have infiltrated our religious institutions, and we need look no further than the almighty Vatican church in Rome. It was the Romans who mandated the biblical narrative, and in doing so, obliterated all other religious or spiritual faiths from the face of the Earth, including the people who wished to preserve their own faith and beliefs.

The Great Reset

One only has to read Klaus Schwab’s book, called Covid 19 and The Great Reset, to grasp the hidden agenda behind the plandemic. The World Economic Forum is comprised of wealthy elites who wish to rule the world. They do not believe in God, in the human soul, the living spirit of the Earth nor in humanity’s ability to solve the problems we face today. The WEF narrative is all about technocracy, transhumans, tracking and tracing our every move, stealing everything we have and enslaving us in a cold, unfeeling world devoid of the divine, love and beauty. They are determined to mandate this sinister existence, and to them we say a resounding NO. We will choose to preserve our divine connection to the Earth and the cosmos and live in freedom and love, no matter what.

Climate Change

The supported science that pushes the climate change narrative, in which humans, animals and our way of life are responsible for planetary destruction, is a highly controversial, and many perceive it as a false narrative. While we humans excel at pollution, it is questionable that we possess the power to change climate. True scientists know that our sun, being over a million times larger than our tiny blue dot home, is the main controller of climate. The climate is changing, as it has always done when the sun’s activity changes, and results in the proven cycles of either a solar maximum or a solar minimum. The climate change narrative seeks to limit carbon emissions upon a carbon-based planet, destroy and replace our food supply, seize our farms and kill our animals, push us all into smart cities, limit our travel and take full control of our natural resources. This is pure insanity. We cannot rule out hidden motives and the suppression of free clean energy.

Lies, fear and terror

One could say that the current narratives being forced upon us are steeped in lies, fear and terror. The mainstream media news, all owned by a handful of wealthy elites, continue to spew lie after lie, all at the same time. All the lies are designed to instill fear, and if we all buy into this fear, the result is a mass formation psychosis, as coined by Mattias Desmet, wherein we can no longer discern truth, question anything and resort to a collective hive mind mentality in which our sovereignty is forsaken. And this becomes dangerous territory in which terror reigns. Foreign and domestic terrorism now pervades the entire globe. Most alarming, is the rise of domestic terrorism within and by our own governments.


The new narrative in town is lawlessness. Our once trusted judicial system has now been bought and sold. Man’s laws are based upon dogmatic beliefs, and people generally comply due to fear of punishment. Yet, there appears to be a new moral relativism at work among those who enforce the law, wherein many who are innocent are being punished while the guilty are walking free. Think J6 prisoners and all those who speak out against mandated narratives. Until we the people awaken and unite under the powers of natural law and constitutional freedom, the yoke of mandated narratives will continue to be forced upon us. It is our duty as well-informed and well-instructed people to watch over our government, and remove those who betray us. Our founding fathers granted us this power under Article 2, Section 4 of the US constitution.

The Healing Narrative


Spiritual science

Rudolph Steiner coined the term “spiritual science” as a bridge between the opposing views of science and religion. If everything material is spiritual, and everything spiritual is material, then science and religion cannot be separate. As a physical being, we belong to the Earth, and as a spiritual being, we belong to the Cosmos. Our etheric bodies, our souls, are nourished by the forces flowing from the cosmos into both our bodies and our planet. We receive these cosmic gifts at night while we sleep, and integrate them into our life force when we are awake. Our ancestors understood their connection to the Earth through these cosmic streams into their bodies, and aligned their buildings and temples to the cosmos. We modern humans have lost this wisdom that is crucial for the integration of the head and the heart, of science and religion, and thus do we see a loss of love in the world.

The lost wisdom goddess

I have always wondered why the God in the Biblical myth does not have a Goddess by his side, as it makes more sense that we have both a male and female creator. As above, so below. There is a myth that does portray this, known as the Sophianic narrative, which was at the heart of the Gnostic mystery schools before it was completely eradicated by the Romans. This healing narrative flourished peacefully for thousands of years, and these schools taught spiritual science about creation, cosmic connection, the living Earth and our place upon it. In contrast, all three Abrahamic religions have been the source of much suffering and persecution. The lost wisdom goddess narrative confirms our divine, cosmic origins as well as revealing the true nature of our enemy. While she confirms that we will overcome this opposition, we can only do so once we align with the divine dream she intended for us.

The Great Awakening

I recently watched the new documentary by Mikki Willis called “The Great Awakening”, and it was excellent. Humanity has endured a long road of destructive narratives that have ultimately enslaved us, divided and deceived us and made a select few very wealthy and powerful. We have only to follow the money to know who is on humanity’s side. We as free Americans have yet to wake up to the enemies who seek to destroy our freedom. Freedom must be earned, protected and fought for, and this is the war we are now fighting. No one is coming to save us but ourselves. We have a powerful ally in the Earth and in the cosmos, but these forces cannot meet us until we choose the wisdom they hold for us. The Great Awakening will leave the Great Reset in the dust.

Natural law and cycles

Natural law is rooted in the principles that support the truth essential to creation, and provides an ordered sequence by which to sustain creation. Man’s laws are built upon mental constructs rooted in arbitrary and tyrannical beliefs contingent upon the moral mood of the day, making them prone to unstable and dangerous despotism. The Earth, the cosmos and all of nature provide us great wisdom with which we can harmonize through our increased knowledge and understanding. The climate change narrative is unstable. Remember when Al Gore told us via the global warming narrative that we would not see snow anymore, yet the Sierra mountains had a record 78 feet of snow this past winter. Historical records prove that the Earth’s climate changes in response to the sun’s activity, and thus do we have natural cycles of changing climate that is marked by extreme heat and cold. These records also show carbon levels at higher levels than we have now, long before a population of 9 billion and the industrial revolution, and we managed to survive.

Truth, courage and peace

We will never find our individual sovereign truth with which to discern truth from lies if we keep believing the false narratives, and fail to question everything. It takes courage to defend truth, and courage is born in our hearts, not our minds. The hive mind mentality that accepts and follows mandated narratives will not result in true freedom, but rather we will repeat history with a mass formation psychosis that leads to greater enslavement. All the lies we have been told have been designed to separate us and imbue fear, and fear paralyzes us and blinds us to the truth. Peace on this earth begins with our own hearts.

Law and order

Order is essentially manifested good that results from the positive natural law expressions of love, knowledge, sovereignty and freedom. The chaos unleashed upon our world today is manifested evil stemming from the negative natural law expressions of fear, ignorance, confusion and control. Those in power who seek to dominate and control all life upon our planet cannot be trusted, for they have no reverence nor wisdom of the earthly and cosmic forces at work that sustain life. We cannot rely solely on man’s laws that are vulnerable to moral relativism, but rather integrate the immutable attributes of natural law to achieve lasting order.

Nine human races before us have either self-destructed or destroyed their earthly habitat. The signs of this destruction are scattered across the planet beneath the ground and under the oceans. Our history does not tell the whole story of advanced civilizations nor the cause of their demise. We stand now at the same crossroad, poised for either a great awakening or another great destruction. We no longer have the luxury to believe in false narratives by which to repeat history, but must awaken to the healing narrative that comes to us as help from the Earth and the cosmos. We are living in a divine experiment, and our reconnection to the divine planetary Mother’s narrative will ensure our ability to survive, thrive and stay free.

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