On December 21, 2012 our planet Earth and the sun aligned with the center of the galactic core, a phenomenon that occurs every 25,772 years. There are some astronomers who debunk this alignment included the sun, or that anything special happened since the Earth occasionally passes by the galactic core. However, the planet Venus also played a significant role as she passed in front of the sun. This was an alignment the Mayans predicted for this day, and which possessed something special enough so as to end their calendar on this date. I believe it marked the beginning of a new positive timeline that offers us the freedom and choice from staying trapped in the old negative timeline. We have been given the subtle gift of a new highway to travel that assures a better destination. The old timeline is the negative matrix that has been in place for thousands of years. It perpetuates domination, control, victimization, war, suffering, death and disease along with the attempt to bring all of humanity under a new world order. Guess what? You do not have to go down that road anymore. You can now choose the positive timeline transformation. In fact, the new positive timeline marks the inevitable end of duality and the shift to unity.

The galactic core began to release potent emanations of a higher universal consciousness that are still streaming to our planet and to humanity. These are high frequencies of unity consciousness that are very different from the lower frequencies of separation and selfishness to which we are accustom. The presence of this stream is creating friction and chaos as it collides with the negative frequencies. We see this evidence in the world around us as well as in our own lives. Many individuals are experiencing challenges on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels as they attempt to welcome and integrate these higher, positive vibrations. Do not worry. Every challenge on whatever level affects you is your opportunity to face, cleanse and release all the residue of the old, negative matrix. And this you must do in order to integrate the higher vibrations and prepare yourself for living in the new timeline and on the new Earth. Welcome this with all your heart for the old matrix is now losing its power and grip on our world. We are joining the dragonfly in growing our wings.

As more light streams onto our planet, the dark shadows may appear to loom larger, but their power will grow weaker. The faster and sooner we each do our work to integrate and adjust to these higher frequencies, the more rapidly we will collectively move beyond the grip of the negative timeline and land firmly on solid ground in the positive timeline. Thus, the degree of our suffering through the chaos and turbulence of change will be relative to how fast we acknowledge and align with the new energies. It behooves us to share our experiences with others, and to assist and support others in making this shift at this time.

Do not focus on the negative news, the threats of war, violence and cataclysm. These are the stories of the negative matrix, and while we can face this reality, it is no longer our reality if we so choose. You hold the key to the prison door. Free yourself to imagine the most beautiful world for which your heart has been longing; a world with wings in which you can soar. A heavenly war is now raging(as above, so below) where the good forces are eliminating the dark forces that hijacked our planet long ago. Our cosmic warrior friends will be free to join us in our new freedom and peace will reign. Have we all not had enough of the negative matrix? Enough damage has been done.

This is a time of celebration in spite of all the madness and intensity we continue to witness by those committed to the negative matrix. The long battle of good versus evil is coming to an end as the positive timeline highway streams across the cosmic landscape. For us to make the needed shift to this timeline, we must embrace and embody the understanding that we are all one. Without the wisdom of unity consciousness, we will stay trapped in the lies of separation, domination and control. Those who advocate these lies will desperately attempt to use fear and distraction to prevent your awakening to this new timeline. This is the time to unplug from your fear and distractions, and take personal responsibility for your own soul and destiny. The dragonfly dream is the shift from victimization to freedom, and the road to freedom is now available to you within the positive timeline transformation.

The article below will not only introduce you to the positive timeline, but bring you scientific proof of its existence.