The Power of Our Dreaming Planet – Part 1, The Deception

What if our planet is not what we think it is? What if we humans are not whom we think we are?

What if everything we believe to be true is rooted in a lie?

And how will we know the truth from the deception?

We have to travel back in time and dig for clues.

Long before religion, government, education, military and financial institutions were installed to dictate and control our daily lives, mankind was free to imagine and innovate his existence upon this earth. We see the evidence of amazing complex structures being uncovered at archaeological sites like Gobekli Tepe that date back 9000 years, and Boncuklu Tarla that dates back even further to 12,000 years. Our planet is strewn with ancient ruins that cover this 12,000 year span, and some ruins suggest advanced techniques that we in our modern day cannot solve. We are told that civilized cultures began in Mesopotamia around 4000 BC, where relief carvings depict religious and spiritual inclinations. It is with the Sumerian culture of 3500 BC that we find forms of government being developed as well as the use of items and tokens to trade for goods. By the time we reach the Roman Empire in 625 BC and the Greek Empire in 500 BC, most of our current institutions were being firmly established. The Pope was installed as the sole ruler of Rome after the empire fell in 476 AD, and the rise of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires went on to rule the world.

During the time of the Greco-Roman era, many diverse religions existed and functioned as mystery schools independent from the rise of developing religious churches.  Ancient mystery schools abounded in various regions as centers for philosophical and spiritual explorations, and the preservation of ancient cultic practices and knowledge. The goddess was at the heart of these schools wherein ceremonies, rituals and teachings served to empower and transform the participants. It is important to note that the rise of Christianity was likely dependent upon and influenced by the mystery school teachings with which to build their religion during the 1st century. This is a much debated topic, but it makes sense due to their many shared cultic practices. In order to firmly root Christianity as a world religion, the founders would need to attract the many mystery school followers with the appeal of similar teachings. Regardless, the tragedy lies in the brutal abolition of these long-flourishing mystery schools in the 6th century, leaving a great spiritual void across the land.

The Gnostic mystery schools thrived for thousands of years with the lost wisdom goddess, Sophia, as the source of their knowledge and devotion. The sole remaining evidence we have of their teachings was found in the Nag Hammadi texts discovered in an Egyptian cave in 1945. Sadly, some scholars have misinterpreted the Gnostics as being a religious or Christian sect, but this is not really the case.

The Gnostics supported the established religious and cultural practices, but their true teachings occurred in secrecy with chosen initiates. While the Nag Hammadi texts have many religious references to God, the apostles and more, there are highly unusual codices that refer to Sophia, creation, knowledge, truth and more.

Here are just a few of such codex titles:

The Sophia of Jesus Christ, The Hypostasis of the Archons, The Testimony of Truth, The Exegesis on the Soul and On the Origin of the World.

It is also significant that the discovered codices were written in the Coptic language, and that the original version was likely written in Greek due to some remaining Greek passages. Thus, correct translation renderings can be skewed or misunderstood depending upon the proficiency and skill of the translator. We are fortunate today to have a viable restoration of the Sophianic narrative thanks to the brilliant and intuitive decoding work of the Nag Hammadi by John Lamb Lash.

We can assume that these ancient texts were hidden in this cave at the time when the Gnostic mystery schools were being thoroughly eradicated in favor of a world religion. Sad, but likely true. The Sophianic narrative presents a strikingly different story than the Biblical narrative, yet some themes have similar tones.

– The Biblical narrative presents us with an omnipotent, off-planet, male God as the creator of all life, and gave us commandments by which to live. He tends to be angered by his children’s actions and delivers wrathful responses. He is battling Satan, a fallen angel, who seeks to overcome God’s creation with his evil ways. God sends his only begotten son to save us from both Satan and ourselves, yet he is crucified by those who feared his teachings. Christians believe the death of Christ is their redemption and deliverance from evil, and they await their salvation with his return.

– The Sophianic narrative presents us with a high, divine feminine goddess, Sophia, who together with her counterpart, Thelete, seeded their dream for humanity into the cosmos, and gifted us with the powers of sovereignty and imagination. Due to a cosmic anomaly involving Sophia, she attracted the Archons, an envious Alien species, to whom she gave the limited powers of imitation and substitution, and morphed herself into a living, sentient planet upon which her creation could thrive. The Archons seek to overcome her divine creation through their powers of fakery and deception, and to the Archons Sophia has confirmed that they will never succeed.

Both of these narratives share the theme of spiritual battle between God and Satan, Sophia and the Archons, good and evil, and humanity has long been in the midst of this war. The Biblical story ends with the Christ’s return and the rapture of salvation at last. Sophia’s story has no end, but rather a correction and the beginning of a final human race living free from the Archons. Sophia is making the correction, and her creation plays a vital role in its success.

The Sophianic narrative gifts us with a living, breathing, divine, loving and intelligent planetary mother to whom we have direct access through the beauty and power of the natural world, in the ground beneath our feet and in the stars above. She designed us with a sensitive and imaginative soul by which to create her dream for us to live in a peaceful and thriving world, and we are active participants in the dreaming power of our planet.

The Biblical narrative gifts us with a divine, gentle, wise man who delivers beautiful teachings by which to live. Yet, our waiting to be saved does not empower or inspire us to become agents of change. Jesus said greater things we would do beyond his miracles, and he would want us to be aspiring to do those greater things. Know thyself is the power of sovereignty and freedom.

The spiritual battle of these narratives is very real. Both Satan and the Archons are masters of deception. They use the powers of imitation and substitution to steer us away from the truth and into enslavement wherein we are more easily controlled by their lies. This war will not end until we claim our sovereignty and freedom, and use our divine brilliance to end manifested evil through our power to manifest the good. The dreaming power of our planet awaits our participation.

No matter which narrative you embrace, we must question everything we are told so as to recognize the fake lie from the impeccable truthelse we will remain victims of deception, and deception breeds confusion. As the lies we have been told about our planet, our history and ourselves begin to crumble and become exposed, we must find the clarity with which to move forward.

Stay tuned for Part 2, The Confusion.

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