The Power of Our Dreaming Planet – Part 2, The Confusion
ancient ruins

It is apparent upon our planet that certain groups of people seek to maintain their positions of power through the total domination and control the masses. Their rise to power has been facilitated by their accumulation of huge sums of money and assets, by either their inherited ruling bloodlines or self-appointed positions or by the masses voting them into power. Great power too often begets a hunger for more power. If those in power are not grounded in true morality, the masses become victims of immoral power whose consequence is manifested evil.

Confusion is a state of internal anarchy. Our inner turmoil and disorder is born from unconscious fear and an ignorant refusal to acknowledge truth. If our response to immoral power is one of confusion, we become easily controlled pawns and contributors to chaos. The most powerful tool of the Archons is mind-control. Once global leaders are targeted by Archon mind-control, they subject the masses to the same. We can see this action all around us through online censorship, fake news, control over money, food, water and energy, endless taxation, forced vaccines and behavioral mandates.

Manmade laws are steeped in dogmatic beliefs that have caused untold harm to people, animals and the planet. We have forsaken the power of natural law that is rooted in the innate truth and ethics of creation. It is our love for life and creation that grants us the true knowledge of ourselves, and our need for freedom by which to manifest harmony and order. The only right actions are those that cause no harm to all sentient life. When we allow actions that harm people, children, animals, wildlife, trees, plants, soils, waterways and air, we are trading our sovereignty for confusion. Nothing will change until we ground ourselves in the moral dominance of divine truth and natural law.

It is vital to understand the vulnerability of the human mind. We were not designed to endure endless trauma that leaves its mark upon the brain. German New Medicine was founded on this understanding that traumas stored in the brain eventually show up in the body as disease. Our healing from trauma is not easy, and requires a deep connection to our true creator source and life force.

The world is defined by a great diversity of cultures that each speak their own unique language, and adhere to their own religious and cultural practices. I have often wondered how all this diversity came into being, and how human minds have such different belief systems. Science tells us that such diversity likely resulted from endless migrations of people across the continents. The Biblical narrative tells the story of the Tower of Babel wherein God is angered at his people for building this tower, and subsequently destroys it while simultaneously creating great confusion by changing their shared language into many diverse languages. Thus did the people disperse across the land with those who spoke the same language. Many historians surmise that the crumbled ruins of the Etemenaki ziggurat in Iraq mark the location for the Tower of Babel, and the site where the great confusion began.

While I am fascinated with all the diverse cultures, languages and their unique flavors, it seems the source of our conflicts with one another stems from differences in our religious beliefs. The religious wars of our past caused devastating harm, as one religion sought to dominate all the others, and this wrong doing suggests an immoral flaw. Religious beliefs have deep roots in personal and cultural meaning that steer and define a culture, but if those beliefs are ignored for the sake of power or designed to cause harm, then it is a violation of divine morality. There can be no confusion over the wrong doing of harm to sentient life, and if there is, then only more control and chaos will ensue.

It would behoove all world religions to pursue an indisputable common ground that breeds no confusion. My late mother spent her later years involved in the United Religions Initiative, wherein she met with global religious leaders to explore how world religions could collectively contribute to the creation of peace upon our planet. It was a lofty pursuit about which my mother was very passionate. The purpose of the URI is to:

*promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation

*end religiously motivated violence

*create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings

The one thing that we all share is the ground beneath our feet and our living breath by which to enjoy the beauty of the natural world that surrounds and sustains us. There are natural laws and divine truths that can guide us, which are superior to man’s laws. We all seek to understand creation and our place within it. It is a mystery ride that cannot be solved by religious laws nor by manmade laws. Religious laws are not natural and involve an interpretation by man, and man’s laws are subject to moral relativism and change all the time. The guiding principles of natural law are based upon the truth inherent to divine creation. They are universal, immutable, indisputable and eternal. The natural world is a divine creation, and natural law harmonizes with divine law. When we impose our opinionated beliefs upon any religious, divine or natural law, we fail to receive the correct, moral understanding and knowledge for creating a harmonious world. Despite all the religious and manmade laws existing today, mankind has seemingly lost the ability to discern right from wrong. There is a moral correctness that will ensure humanity’s survival, and an immoral incorrectness that will lead to our destruction.

Our vulnerable minds need to be guarded and protected from the mind-control that breeds fear, not love, and ignorance, not knowledge. Fear and ignorance become confusion. To manage confusion, more control is imposed upon our free-spirited minds, which then becomes a world of chaos. We witness the chaos of so many migrants risking their lives as they flee in search of the freedom their own country fails to provide. America was founded by those who did the same. It is our love for freedom that will grant us the knowledge of our true sovereignty with which to defend freedom and create a world of order.

The remains of ancient ruins spread across our lands beg us to question the validity of the history we have been told. Who were we in the past? How did we build such magnificent structures and sophisticated systems? What is the truth of our past existence that may have been hidden from us, and why?

If Satan is on a mission to destroy God’s creation, and the Archons are determined to overcome Sophia’s creation, then this war has been waging since the beginning. We have an envious, non-divine, off-planet interference that has plagued humanity for too long. If we are to win this war, then we must understand how this interference is working to overcome us so that we can put an end to the confusion, once and for all.

Stay tuned for Part 3, The Interference

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