“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions.” C.J.Jung


A dragonfly is born into the dark, murky underwater world as a nymph. During its stages of life as an underwater nymph, it experiences a series of molts, shedding its skin. The nymph undergoes phases of maturity and hidden mutations in preparation for its sudden transformation into a dragonfly. As humans, we are akin to the nymph as we mature in the dark waters of our mother’s womb. One day our birth into air and light is triggered just as the nymph is destined to climb out of the water. This journey from the dark shadow into the light has only just begun for humans. We remain creatures of the water, of the emotions, and our process towards maturity continues with our own series of molts and mutations. Our shadow travels with us on this journey. We will be asked at times to dive deeply into the emotional waters of our being to confront our hidden shadow, our dark side, and shed our shadow skin to reveal the truth of who we are.

We are energy beings. Our shadow and our light frequencies are hidden with our DNA, within our cells. Our cells are highly sensitive to the energy they receive both from inside us and outside us. At every moment, we are responding to either lower of higher frequencies. Lower frequencies are home to the shadow while higher frequencies are home to the light, our gifts, our purpose. There is no escaping the shadow for it is energy woven into our DNA containing the collective memory of our ancestral past. Every human being either represses or reacts to their own unique shadow frequencies. We cannot help it. Our amorphous shadow appears, without notice, unannounced, then retreats. We are often blind to its presence. Our work is to uncover the light obscured by the shadow. How do we do this? The shadow’s presence is asking us to look at what we do not want to see or feel. Our reluctance to look becomes projection onto someone else. Inevitably, we will be forced into the confrontation. The shadow is asking us to be still, look, listen, and witness the life we are living, and the story unfolding, as a mirror for the shadow frequencies we carry. Our lives are an ever changing movie towards mature growth to choose the vibration of light over shadow. Every day, every moment is a choice.

If we want to set our light being free, then we must make a date to encounter our shadow. A shadow meeting often occurs at the crossroad of our life not working, and we do not know which way to go. Finding ourselves at the intersection, unsure of which road to take, presents us with the opportunity to meet the shadow. It can initially be a meeting of confusion. Our genetic shadow inheritance becomes entangled with the messages we received during our growth by our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, culture and institutions. As small children until the age of seven, we are especially vulnerable to the unconscious programming of these messages since our conscious mind is not yet able to filter them. We are innocent sponges, absorbing everything. As we grow older, we consciously begin to sift through what messages fit, and toss the rest. Though we may do this as a conscious mental process, the vibrations of our programming may still be lurking silently in the subconscious mind where messages were imprinted. Our ego may come to our defense in the presence of the shadow, and usually deny the hidden work of the shadow. Our lives not working, or the sense we are not who we wish to be, is the best monitor to reveal shadow frequencies at work. It brings the invitation to meet the shadow.

Many people will live their whole lives denying or disowning their shadow, while others will spend a lifetime in perpetual molting to shed their shadow skin. Both our denial and our efforts can be limited by the presence of our collective and ancestral genetic inheritance. We need an evolutionary boost. In the meantime, somewhere in the middle is the understanding of our shadow as a frequency we can overcome by accepting the gift it brings. A shadow is not created by darkness. It can only exist because of the light being cast. It is born of the light. Thus, the light overcomes the shadow.

If my life is full of conflict, as is the world, then I am vibrating to this lower frequency unconsciously. If I sit with this knowing, contemplate conflict at work in my life, I can begin to choose the higher vibration of peace for my life, and the world. It will require me to FEEL the peace in my body before I can attract and create it outwardly. Mentally knowing I want peace over conflict is not enough. As humans we only use a small part of our conscious mind for what we desire. It is our subconscious mind that drives the car ninety percent of the time. This is why we must journey to the hidden realm within us to uncover the messages of who we are not to set free who we truly are.

Not only do we as individuals carry hidden shadow baggage, but different cultures and countries fill these bags with their own unique shadow contents. Some of these bags are filled with hatred, dominance, oppression, selfishness: it can be difficult to make peace with our own shadow when collective shadow frequencies are so predominant and oppressive. We witness daily in the news the collective shadow at work in the world. Will we humans evolve beyond these shadow frequencies into the light? I think so. I feel this is the essence of these times. If we dare open to it, a shift in frequency can lift us out of the water and into the air with wings. We can only help heal the collective shadow by healing our own shadow first.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. 
The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”