One could surmise that the entire purpose of both humanity’s past and current presence on this Earth is to afford us the time to transcend the shadow. It is also involves both a process of involution and evolution. Our evolution is consistent in our understanding that everything around us is energy in a constant state of flux and change. Nothing stays the same save for the very creative force which generates change. Our involution also recognizes the constant change in energy although its focus is on the invisible energies both around us, and more significantly, within us. We cannot attain successful evolution if we remain unaware of the necessity for involution. Our involutionary process requires our understanding of a higher, creative, living force upon which we can depend for raising our consciousness and frequency. The only way to transcend the shadow is to lift our vibration above it in order to operate and evolve within these higher frequencies.

Every person on this planet is engaged in their own personal struggle to overcome their own shadows. This battle is further intensified by the fact that we are all one; thus, we are also engaged in overcoming the collective shadow. This becomes tricky territory. It is far too easy to become swallowed up in the collective shadows of fear, doubt, distraction, chaos and judgement, to name a few. I have found the best course of action is to focus solely on our own four primary shadows as determined by your Gene Keys. For in this way, you will be doing the vital work of your own evolution and involution, and your personal success here has immense influence on the collective. It is said that when just one person attains the siddhic (highest possible expression or vibration) level of one of their gene keys, it allows for thousands of others to step into their gifts. Thus, we must never underestimate the power of the inner and outer work we do.

It takes tremendous focus, faith, determination and courage to stay on your own course. Sometimes when the collective shadow plays out in the world with conflict, tragedy, violence and deception, I can feel my vibration sink. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. We are all connected at these shadow levels. But when this happens, I go to work doing those things which I know from experience will uplift my spirit. I go swim in the ocean or take a warm magnesium salt bath; I cook a healthy meal; I help someone in need; I do something creative or I contemplate more on my dreams of beauty and peace. Knowing our own Gene Keys enables us to do very specific things to raise our vibrations.

Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges humanity faces, both in the past and present, is the power of the collective shadow which seeks to dominate and control as a permanent condition. In other words, these are shadow beings with no aspirations to attain a higher, more evolved consciousness. They are obsessed with power, and hold not one drop of compassion for a starving child, suffering mothers, men who die in war, toxic water or dying whales. I suppose this is evil at its finest. The only way we can overcome such dark shadows at work is for the masses to raise their awareness and vibrations above the shadow levels. Each one of us needs to step into our gifts, and bring them forward as light upon the world.

So what is stopping us? It is conditioned beliefs and perceptions which makes us prisoners of repetitive patterns. If we perceive the world as a place of hardship and struggle, if we believe there will always be wars, conflict and corruption, then we are contributing to that reality. There are so many good people and grassroots organizations doing incredible work to make the world a better place in spite of the agenda of the dark forces behind the scenes. We simply have to join them.

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we the people of this world and our Mother Earth are in lock down governed by dark shadows who have consistently hijacked our dreams for a better world. This beautiful, blue star planet is very special, and we can no longer allow these low dark frequencies to suppress the ultimate potential of the people and the planet. Our planet is being depleted, raped, exploited, poisoned, manipulated and dominated when Her purpose is to unleash magical powers of healing and wonder in which we are designed to thrive. If we desire to experience in this lifetime humanity and the Earth thriving at their highest expression and vibration, then it is time to transcend the shadow by each of us doing our own work to attain the gifts which are meant to be our sovereign destiny. I personally will not depart this world until I know I am leaving a safe and peaceful future to my children. It is time to dream the change for it all begins with a new dream.

Things you can do:
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4. Get a Gene Key reading from me so you know the shadow, gift and highest energies with which you were born.

Dragonfly says we share the same magical transformation from a life in the shadow into a life above with wings.