Transformation….what does this mean? The dragonfly says there comes a time wherein the mystery says it is time to climb out of this dark, murky water onto this green stalk and sit…and wait. Wait for the water to push its way out of the body, and in doing so, a thorax appears and with it come beautiful, iridescent wings with which to fly. And a new life begins.
I am a woman on this planet like so many. Women are the energy of the Yin, of these dark waters and hidden realms. We travel there naturally. I seek to know myself, the truth of what is. Some would say this is a waste of time. I say no…it is not. Each of us beings live within our own sphere. It is our world regardless of everything else going on and happening around us. Yet, we are affected by the greater global world. We are connected to everyone and everything, including our ancestral past. There is a lot of sifting to do to find our authentic self. Our magnificent dreams surface out of these dark waters, ready for wings, yet we hesitate. Our hesitation is but the vibrations of all that has been, the messaging voices of the present that are but echos of the past. They left their mark somewhere inside us…quietly…subtly.

Transformation is the courage to feel, speak and be the truth of who you are…regardless of the global atmosphere or the familiar surroundings of your family or friends: regardless of what you even think. For thinking will not lead you to the depth of who you are. Who are you? You are a being of light, embedded with all the power and understanding you need already within you. There are energies on this planet that would like for you NOT to know this. They are not energies to fear, but to recognize. For in their recognition, you weaken their power.  We feel this energy, these lower frequencies. They say life is a struggle, you cannot do this or that, you are not worthy of this or that, life is hard, life is difficult, you will never make it happen, you are not smart enough, good enough, strong enough. We know the voices that present us with all we must overcome. We are familiar with our anger, our shyness, our lack of faith, our doubts, our impulsiveness, our illusions, our fear of change, our distractions, our judgements, our lack, our mistakes….the list goes on. We have reasons not to believe in ourselves, to forgive ourselves, to love ourselves. In our discomfort we can quickly find the next distraction. But if we do not contemplate the true meaning of all we are doing, then who are we? We can choose to be conscious beings with keen awareness of our every thought, word, deed and feeling, or we can be blown by the wind and when we land, wonder how we got here.

Transformation is the courage to ask the questions that will lead us inside to our own answers. It is not asking what is right or what is wrong. It is asking how to get into the depths of yourself…into the stillness of the dark, murky waters of your feelings…and ask what you truly feel. How do you really feel about yourself, your marriage, your family, your friends, your job, your home, your purpose, your past, your future, the state of the world? Contemplation of our feelings will lead us to the frequency attached to the feeling, where we can discern the lower frequencies from the higher frequencies. If every emotion is the result of our thoughts, we have only to change our thoughts for our feelings to align with a higher frequency. Yet, our thoughts are constantly changing. The mind must rest and bathe in the contemplation of higher frequencies for the mind cannot be tamed. The highest frequency is love. It is not an emotion. It is a principle that is all life and pervades all life. Thoughts working within the higher frequencies, within the principle of love, will create a life of beauty. The dragonfly says our wings will take us there.

Transformation is metamorphosis, a change in form, appearance, nature or character. It is time to sit on the stalk, alone, above the water and look down into the depths of the emotional realms. How will you feel with these iridescent wings? How will you feel when you can fly? Where will you fly? What color dragonfly do you feel like being? What message to you feel like spreading? What gift do you feel like bringing?

Transformation is evolution. Mankind is sitting on the stalk. It is time to make peace with the world we have known. It is time to grow wings and create a new world. Once we take flight, there will be no going back.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”          

~ Mahatma Gandhi