The beauty of my Transitional Design Collection is that all these designs will blend effortlessly into both contemporary and traditional home decors, as well as provide you with accessories that toot a modern flair. I created these designs in Photoshop so they all come with color variations and options for a vintage style to suit your mood and preference.

The Migration design is a series of squares that contain a clockwise spiral that is a symbol for water, power, movement and migration. I love adding ancient symbols that have been used for centuries into modern day designs.



Migration Vintage Tablecloth


Here is a Modern Floral with a vintage twist as the flowers are reminiscent of floral designs from the sixties and seventies. Remember the flower power of those days?


throw pillow

Vintage Modern Floral Throw Pillow


I love the simplicity of this Simple Floral design. It comes in really cool and usual colors, and this one has a special gradation that gives it depth and movement.


floral pillow

Simple Floral Throw Pillow


The Banshee design is ultra-simple with both tribal and modern attributes rolled into one cool design. It makes great throw pillows, totes, shower curtains and here, a large vintage tablecloth.



Vintage Banshee Tablecloth


My Pink or White Lotus designs come in both vivid and vintage styles. The Lotus flower is considered to be one of the most ancient symbols upon our planet, representing purity, enlightenment and rebirth. It is good to be reminded of these attributes by adding the Lotus to our home decor and accessories.


shower curtain

Vintage Pink Lotus Shower Curtain


I spend a lot of time in the garden so it was inevitable that I would create a Garden design. It is a modern, minimal design suggesting shapes and symbols found in the garden.


garden tray

Garden Serving Tray


I spend a lot of time in the ocean, too, so here is a simple modern design called Ocean in either green or blue. I think I will have to buy one of these tripod lamps with this vintage Ocean design for myself!



Vintage Ocean Blue Tripod Lamp


I created this Sunburst design in honor of this big fireball in the sky that makes life possible on our little planet. Sunbursts make beautiful designs.



Sunburst Crossbody Bag


I have a thing for spirals. We humans have created cyclical time, with a beginning and end that go round and round. But maybe time has no beginning and end, and is more akin to the infinite spiral. I thought placing the infinite symbol of the spiral upon the finite symbol of the circle would provide an interesting contrast, and might stimulate new ideas about time.



Earth Spiral Wall Clock


I grew up at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains, and later lived at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. I love the mountains so I had to create a design to honor them. It is a modern design using suggestive symbols again.


tote bag

Vintage Mountains Tote Bag


Alas, the Zigzag design is the ultimate transitional design that slides into any decor with ease. I created a mix of trendy and vintage color combinations to enhance this versatile and eternal pattern.



Zigzag Throw Pillow


You can view the entire Transitional Design Collection by simply clicking on the image below. Enjoy!