A dear friend just shared this beautiful article with me. It seems there are many others who are feeling the dragonfly’s messages, energy and medicine. I am excited to welcome the Year of the Dragonfly as our guide into this New Year 2015.

Humanity needs some magical illumination and imagination to help us overcome the multitude of misperceptions we have embraced as truth and reality for so long. We can no longer adhere to a corporate redeemer religion which demands we seek a patriarchal savior outside ourselves. We can no longer support corporate politics with selfish agendas to ensure and increase their own wealth while the majority suffers and struggles. We can no longer allow ourselves and our planet to be blindly poisoned by a continuous onslaught of toxins into our food, air, water, soils and oceans. It is time to dream a new story, and time to summon faith in our own light and creative potential.

Dragonfly can bring us many messages. Whenever dragonfly has appeared to me, there is one message which consistently rings true: to endure my current changes and challenges with grace and faith in my dreams and to look beyond the limitations and illusions.

Yesterday I found a dead dragonfly under the rug in the living room. It felt so symbolic for I had just returned from my attorney’s office where we discussed the proceedings of my case against the sellers of my new home who deceptively hid extensive rot in my deck. The dragonfly hidden beneath the rug, though dead, spoke to my spirit. It brought the message that the deception would be exposed, the truth revealed and to maintain my faith in the dreams I held for this home.

If these winged creatures can climb out of the dark, murky, emotional waters to grow iridescent wings with which to fly, then so can we. We can transform and rise above. We can reveal our true colors and light. We can create and dream a new story for ourselves and all life on this beautiful blue star planet. We can break free to find the seeds of a magical destiny already planted within us, waiting to bloom.

Dragonfly comes to remind us of the truth we have long known, and forgotten.

May you remember in this Year of the Dragonfly.




The Year Of The Dragonfly: Perspectives from New Shamanism


by Celia Fenn

2015 is going to be an astonishing and magical year on Planet Earth.  The Energy that is the Guardian and Keeper of this year is that of the Dragonfly.  Dragonfly is the Keeper of the Portals of Magic, Dreams and Mystery.  It is a fitting energy to guide our emergence into the Sixth Dimension of Magic and Dream manifestation.

As we anchor the magical sixth dimension on Earth, Dragonfly will assist in guiding us into a new magical and shamanic reality.

New Shamanism is a way of living as well as a perception of reality that draws on the ancient path of the Shaman.  But, in the 21st century, this path is expressed and experienced at a new level of awareness that incorporates higher consciousness, compassion and creativity.

This new consciousness can embrace Dragonfly “medicine”, or the energy signature of the Dragonfly.  This is the ability to transform, to dream and to weave light into Magical Manifestation.

Transformation with Dragonfly Magic

The Dragonfly begins its life in water, and then transforms rapidly from its water element beginning into a winged creature that can fly and hover in the air above the water in an exotic dance of luminescent light.

So it will be in 2015.  You will find that life and events will require very rapid shifts and transformations.  You will be challenged to raise your consciousness and perception and to take flight on the wings of creative imagination.

You will no longer be able to simply swim along in the currents of lower collective consciousness, but you will feel the urge and the need to transform your life and rebirth as something and someone more beautiful and creative.  You will be called to the dance of Life on the glittering paths of the Diamond Light. That light will shimmer in your spirit wings as you dance with the Light!

This urge to transform and to creative “flight” will be felt also on the collective level, and there will be events on the Earth that will require collective transformation and an imaginative response.  These will be opportunities to rise above old ways of thinking and perception based on fear and lack, and to rise up to a new level of co-operation and creation as a Planetary family.

As you are awakened to this reality, you will find it easier to simply allow yourself to transform, to rise up and respond in magical ways.  You are the Dreamweaver, the Magical Dancer, creating the luminescent dance of life.

Keepers of Magic

As you work with Dragonfly magic, you too will become a Keeper of Divine Magic.

Dragonfly teaches us how to move between worlds and dimensions, and how to weave dreams that create new realities.

The magical dreams that you will weave will be the creation of your reality and your timelines.  Your life will become as fluid and graceful as a Dragonfly’s dance, creating magic and light in your wake.

You have learnt to be aware that life is an illusion, now you will learn to weave this illusion into a field of magical light that will reflect your energy signature and your love and compassion.

The Dragonfly Meditation and Activation for 2015

This meditation will assist you to connect with the energy of Dragonfly.  It will activate that energy in your Light Body Field.

To begin the meditation, ensure that you are either lying down, or seated in a comfortable position with your feet on the floor and your spine straight.

Begin by focussing on your breathing, focus on the in breath and then the out breath, allowing yourself to become relaxed.  If you are a shamanic practitioner, you can open a Sacred Circle for this work.

When you feel that you are relaxed focus your attention and intention into your Heart Center, and allow yourself to connect with the Divine Light and Flame that lives within your heart.  Feel yourself expanding that light and filling your body and light body with this Divine Golden light.

Let yourself breathe this light, with every cell in your body!  You may begin to see many magical colors – first a shimmering blue, then a radiant silver white, then gold, pink, green, turquoise and many other colors.  Allow these colors to flow over you and to dance around you.

Now you are ready to summon the energy of Dragonfly, so call Dragonfly to you.

You will see in your inner vision a beautiful Dragonfly that will come to you, dancing on the light and flying and hovering.  Allow yourself to melt into the Dragonfly, and now you are flying and dancing and weaving light with Dragonfly energy.  Let yourself flow into the luminescent pathways of light.

You may fly into the sky, you may hover over water, or you may sit quietly on a reed drying your wings.  And you will dream.  You will dream of creation and new projects and desires that seek manifestation in your reality.  And you will feel the energy of Dragonfly helping you to weave those dreams into reality.

Feel how ancient is this energy as it weaves the light.  Feel the ancient magical energy of the dragons that is still held in Dragonfly.  Feel how the illusions are slipping away until you see the pure and shining beauty and truth at the heart of all creation.  And this is Love. Pure Love and Compassion manifesting as Creativity, Joy and Abundance.

Feel how you are receiving into your heart, your soul, spirit and light body, the ancient blessing of Dragonfly.

This energy will be with you and support you in 2015. It will assist you to dance with light, beauty, magic, joy, abundance and love.

Allow yourself to be open to any messages that may come from Dragonfly.

When you are complete, you can then return your focus to your heart center and breathe deeply. If you have opened a circle you can close it now, and return to daily consciousness.  Breathe deeply several times and move your arms and legs.  It may also help to stand up and stamp your feet to ground yourself back into the Earth.